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"Meteors are linked with the emergence of precious metals on our planet. According to the British and Swiss scientists, 200 million years after its formation, the Earth has been heavily bombarded by meteorites. Along with the asteroid matter the planet was hit with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum." 1 NEO = $20 Trillion???
Meteor shower to bring gold to Earth in October

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Uploaded by yellowecotec on Sep 28, 2011
In early October, a powerful meteor shower will come down to Earth. It will be brought by comet Giacobini-Zinner, which passes near our planet quite often. However, meteors shower are rare enough, but it is possible that they have contributed to the emergence of gold on the planet and even the origin of life, scientists believe.
Giacobini-Zinner was discovered in the beginning of the last century. "It passes near Earth from time to time and rotates around the sun. It is affected by solar radiation, and emits a certain amount of gas and dust," says the head of the Zvenigorod Observatory of the Institute of Astronomy Sergei Barabanov. "To the naked eye only meteors are visible. These are dust particles and even small pieces of ice."
Comets are still being studied. According to one theory, they are remnants of the material from which nearly five billion years ago the solar system was born. Typically, these celestial bodies are composed of gas, dust and ice.

According to some researchers, it was comets that brought water to Earth. "Earth's water that flows in our rivers and oceans is the water delivered by comets," said Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Space Research Igor Mitrofanov. "After the formation of early Earth, it was very hot and there was practically no water, then for hundreds of billions of years the water was brought by comets." However, this theory is not shared by all scientists. Vernadsky in his time showed that 90 percent of all water on the planet has terrestrial origin (he made this conclusion based on the distribution patterns of different isotopes). However, the remaining 10 percent could have been brought by different celestial bodies.

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