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Geneticist Suggesting Starchild Skull is not from Human

As a result of many years of hypothesis and justifications it appears the puzzle of the now well-known Starchild Skull is becoming even nearer to getting solved.
While the majority of the scientific society refers it an anomalous human being skull, there are those experts that believe the skull was extraterrestrial or nonhuman in origin.

For thirteen years, the Starchild Project has been attempting to code the DNA of the skull and up till today they have been unsuccessful in their efforts to confirm the skull is nonhuman. But now, a geneticist on the program has retrieved a fragment of the FOXP2 Gene and suggests positively that the skull is not human being.

If confirmed by other people in the scientific community, this could be one of the greatest breakthroughs of our time.

Starchild Project considered the Starchild Skull from being that was not totally human, if human at all. The skull has no physical features that can be found in human. However, the differences in physical attributes did not impress the mainstream science. It says nature can do anything. However, people behind the Starchild Project think different and suggest that the theory of nature by mainstream media was never true.

According to Starchild Project, nature definitely works by strict protocols that confine life to well-defined limitations laid out by the distinctive genetic code of every species. No rules are more completely founded than the laws of genetics. It added that 50 eye-witnesses can claim that an individual done a criminal act, but if DNA presents otherwise, the witnesses are disregarded. DNA rules in process of law since it is the math of biology. It reveals what it says, all over again, with consistency you can bet your life on.

For the reason that genetics is the math of biology, the Starchild’s DNA seems like the only way to beat the mainstream justification that it has to be a one-in-a-billion works of nature. Sadly, the Starchild Project had to wait almost 10 years while the technology for retrieving and sequencing “ancient” DNA, such as the 900-year-old Starchild’s, could be modified and perfected.

At this point such new technology has been in use for a couple of years, and its early very high price has dropped within the reach of acceptable investment. Also, the people behind the project claim to have enough partial analysis of DNA of Starchild. Starchild Project believes that when they can completely examine the inventory of the skull genome, it will prove to be radically different from human beings. (c) 2012

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