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明報專訊日本防衛省的智庫「防衛研究所」昨日(10日)發布了分析中國海 洋活動動向的《中國安全保障報告2011》,認為中國正在加強軍事力量以確保能源資源並與美軍抗衡,並稱「這將影響日本的安全」。報告指出,中國在為獲取 資源而加速海洋開發,並且為確保海上運輸線安全而加強在南海和東海的活動。報告分析稱,解放軍對主權和海洋權益的表態趨於增多,可能影響中國的對外政策。url

索取FBI名人檔案 需待身故後

【明報專訊】●若當事人已故,美國公民可引用《信息自由法》,索取一份副本。相關文件記錄,部分可能仍留在FBI手上,部分則可能已移交美國國家檔案館(US National Archives)。FBI將根據要求,先提供手上資料,至於其餘文件,則要查詢者去國家檔案館尋找。
● 不要以為FBI萬能,什麼人和事的檔案也有。雖然理論上每位美國公民都可隨便以自己的名字,碰運氣引用《信息自由法》向FBI索取檔案,看看自己有否成為 被查對象。但FBI的歷史學家霍斯(John Fox)說﹕「儘管謠言多多,但我們並沒有所有人和事的檔案。我們從未試過。」


Here is a short list of Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) members who have shoved the Oslo/Roadmap processes down Israel's throat, resulting in thousands of dead Israelis and Arabs in barely ten years, not to mention the total demoralization of Israel and the mass insanity of its Islamic neighbors:
  • Clinton
  • Christopher
  • Baker
  • Albright
  • Zinni
  • Powell
  • Rice
  • Kurtzer
  • Seigman
  • Bronfman
  • Tenet
  • Haass
  • Friedman
  • Stephen Cohen
  • Carter
  • Armitage
  • Burns
  • Wolfowitz
  • Berger, etc. etc.
Oh yes, and Pipes, but he's pretending otherwise for the time being. That is why he spends much of his waking hours plotting to eliminate my voice. Imagine the nerve of me pointing out that he is a proud member of the little think tank that could wreck Israel and is leaving a trail of blood throughout the Middle East.

Now let us look at just how tied up he is to the CFR establishment: HERE 
  • The Middle East Forum (MEF) has existed since 1990, but in 1994 it became a nonprofit organization with Daniel Pipes as its director.

    MEF is closely linked to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where Pipes is an adjunct scholar. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy is senior editor of MEF's Middle East Quarterly, and the institute's Robert Satloff and Samuel Lewis sit on the Quarterly's editorial board, along with Fouad Ajami of Johns Hopkins, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation, and Steven Plaut of the University of Haifa.
  • I have thoughtfully provided a list of CFR members. Visit the site and confirm the facts. Now we all know that the Washington Institute For Near East Policy is the Martin Indyk - run monstrosity that became the locomotive for Oslo, so considering his public stance on Israel, Pipes' chair there is suspicious enough, but let's look at his own board: From the 2001, Membership Roster Of The Council On Foreign Relations HERE

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光明會的秘密簡史 - “摩利亞”和“影子政府

by Wes Penre

November 27, 2003
Last Updated: June 10, 2005
from Illuminati-News Website
This whole thing with the Illuminati and a Shadow Government may be unreal to many people, but stay with me for a while and give it a chance. I encourage you to read this introduction, overview article before you read anything else from my website, unless you are already familiar with the Illuminati. Even then it would probably be refreshing to read it.
This article is what I state that it is - an overview.

The evidence is not provided in this particular article; it only summarizes what is discussed on the rest of my website.
So after you have finished reading this overview, you need to look for references and evidence among the rest of the articles in this huge web database. It is similar to laying a puzzle; you need to lay one piece at the time to fit it into the big picture. Sometimes you have to remove a puzzle piece, because you notice it did not fit 100%, and replace it with one that does. This is the way to finding the truth in an overload of Media lies, cover-ups and half-truths. It is not an easy task, but if we have the willingness and a certain amount of patience we can do it.
I believe you will have information enough on this web site to get the whole picture of what is going on and who is pulling the strings, so if you look at it with an open mind, I think that after a while you will have little doubt that there IS a Shadow Government trying to create a New World Order above our heads, and that it is NOT to our benefit.
I am not pretending to convince you that I have the whole truth and nothing but the truth in my hands, but I do say that I am very certain that an agenda to take over the world and create a super-socialistic state, much worse than the former Soviet Union, is being planned, is happening, and is well in progress.

Most of us can agree upon that something is very wrong with this planet. Civil wars, diseases, famine, ethnic cleansing, religious wars, different violations of human rights ... the list is long and it just goes on. Are all those bad conditions totally separated from each other, or do they have a common source?

All I ask from you is to think for yourself. Throw away everything "you’ve been told", things "you’ve learnt in school", what you’ve "heard on the radio", what you’ve "seen on Television", what "politicians have told you" etc. - just for a moment.

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25 Reports That Can Put You on the Terror Watch List

Activist Post

A concerted effort has been afoot for some time to merge local police with federal authorities to respond to the implementation of citizen spy "snitch" programs. This has been best illustrated by the role of threat fusion centers, which are integrating data from public and private sources alike -- even universities.

The FBI has now made public their "Communities Against Terrorism" Suspicious Activity Reporting flyers.

I myself have seen documents like this as a former retail store owner.  One day, roughly 10 years ago, I received a flyer in my mailbox informing our establishment that we were to submit a "Suspicious Activity Report" for anyone paying with large amounts of cash (I believe it was $2,000 or more at the time).  I proceeded to throw it directly into the garbage where it belonged. I did inform my clients, though, rather than inform the "authorities" as I was directed. However, these SAR's have clearly become much more widespread than my tiny retail shop, infiltrating nearly every facet of life in America.

Listed below are all 25 known flyers that should be read in their entirety if one wishes to discover just how far the United States has traveled in its attempt to replicate a level of citizen snitches not seen since the Stasi of East Germany.

I have included a very short summary of each .PDF, with an embedded link in the title,  to serve as a general guide of who is a potential terrorist suspect.

Let us never forget that this system of control needs our cooperation if it is to succeed.  We have to accept personal responsibility for how much further this slide toward tyranny is going to take us; and that starts by getting informed, and informing others of the extent of their plan.
  1. Airport Service Providers -- Includes on-craft providers: baggage, cleaners, cargo, catering, mechanics, ground crew, food service, cleaners, security, taxi, limos, and shuttles.
  2. Beauty/Drug Suppliers -- People who have burn marks, missing limbs, travel a long distance, nervous, who are picked up, make illogical requests (even of consumer-grade products).
  3. Bulk Fuel Distributors -- New customers not from the area, those using cash for large transactions, nervous, large purchases, having a rental vehicle.
  4. Construction Sites -- People with environmental slogans and/or anti-government slogans, banners or signs that threaten or imply violence.
  5. Dive/Boat Shops -- New customers reluctant to provide complete personal information, customer who does not have certification, using cash for expensive transactions, extended rentals, appearing uninterested in safety rules, experiencing guarded behavior.
  6. Electronics Stores -- Person who alters appearance from visit to visit (changing hair color, shaving, etc.), fills a "shopping list" of components while lacking knowledge about their use. Pays cash for large purchases.
  7. Farm Supply Stores -- New customers not from the area, nervous or impatient, suspicious inquiries regarding equipment specifications, failing to state legitimate use for supplies, rental vehicle, cash for large transactions.
  8. Financial Institutions -- No evidence for legitimate business activity, those with multiple accounts, banks, parties, and jurisdictions (layering).  Mixed deposits (money orders, third-party checks, and/or payroll into a business account).  Large volume of wire transfers, or repetitive patterns, shell entities, "pass through" points by foreign jurisdictions.
  9. General Aviation -- Taking flying lessons but appear uninterested, renting under vague reasons for doing so, requests to fly over specific locations without substantiated reason, taking pictures or videos of potentially sensitive locations, actions outside the norm, parking near the perimeter of airport, asking questions without substantiation.
  10. General Public -- Basically everything exhibited by those with an inquisitive nature: questions, note taking, drawing, annotating maps, inappropriate photos or videos, people in places where they do not belong.
  11. Hobby Shops -- Interest in remote-controlled aircraft, interest that does not seem genuine, possessing little knowledge of purchase, exhibiting unusual interest, exhibiting no interest, using cash for large transactions.
  12. Home Improvement and Large Retail Stores -- Large quantity of ammunition, firearms and ammunition out of season, combination of unusual items, interest in night vision and camouflage apparel, purchases of pipe fittings and supplies, rental vehicle, refusal to complete firearms paperwork, using cash for large transactions.
  13. Hotels/Motels -- There is an excellent discussion of this section in Michael Snyder's recent article.
  14. Internet Cafes -- There is an excellent discussion of this section in Michael Snyder's recent  article.
  15. Shopping Malls -- Wearing backpacks, discreet use of cameras, note-taking, or video over an extended period, several men arriving together then splitting up, continuing to communicate (dry run?), speaking to security guards, comments regarding radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings, or anti-U.S. sentiments that appear out of place and provocative.
  16. Martial Arts/Paintball -- Insist on paying with cash, travels long distance to participate, interest in learning offensive moves in a confined space, learning the use of hidden weapons, learning kill and restraint techniques with no occupational need, group training, uttering racist, religious, unusual, anti-US, or vague and cryptic warnings, close combat training, paintball tactics of ambush or kidnapping scenarios, operating a private facility, converting large plots of rural land to conduct these activities.
  17. Mass Transportation -- Altering one's appearance, exhibiting burns, bleached body hair, concealed wires, nervous, actions suggesting use of a hidden camera, unusual comments, questioning security/facility personnel via normal means of communication, groups arriving together then splitting up and communicating via cell phone.
  18. Military Surplus -- Demanding identity privacy, insisting on paying with cash, suspicious comments, bulk purchases.
  19. Peroxide Explosives -- Unknown customer, individual requesting more information.
  20. Recognizing Sleepers -- Arrival from countries where violent militant Islamic groups are known to operate, long unexplained absences, fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the U.S., conspiracy theories about Westerners (e.g. the CIA arranged for 9/11 to legitimize the invasion of foreign lands), accusing the West of trying to destroy Islam.
  21. Rental Cars -- Reluctance to provide complete personal information, using cash, unusual questions.
  22. Rental Properties -- Using cash for large transactions, inquiries about local sites, refusing maintenance or service over extended time, not using property for intended purpose, unusual number of package deliveries, unusual amounts of traffic, discovery of unusual items.
  23. Rental Trucks -- Reluctance to provide personal information, cash for large transactions, inquiries about renting a truck with a wooden floor, questions about vehicle specifications.
  24. Storage Facilities -- Failing to provide complete personal information, using cash to pay fees in advance, placing unusual items in storage, disposing of tools, gloves, masks, or clothing, discarding clothes or shoes in new condition, avoiding contact with rental facility personnel, accessing facility an unusual number of times, storing items that emit unusual odors or leak liquids.
  25. Tattoo Shops -- Demanding identity "privacy," paying cash, altering appearance (beard, hair style, hair color, style of dress, etc.), making racist or extreme statements, suspicious comments that suggest or appear to endorse violence in support of a cause, repeated returns with multiple individuals requesting identical tattoos, inquiries about unusual methods of tattooing or placement which could allow the concealment of extremist symbols.
These flyers also state an additional note about how you can be a part of the solution:
  • Require a valid ID of all new customers.
  • Keep records of purchases.
  • Talk to customers, ask questions, and listen to and observe their responses.
  • Make note of suspicious statements, people and/or vehicles.
  • If something seems wrong, notify law enforcement authorities.
As a former store owner in one of the categories above (and a martial arts practitioner), I suggest that you completely disregard the suggestions of these reports.  Instead, I would urge common sense, reliance upon your innate "gut instincts" that nature has provided as a tool to determine what is truly wrong beyond these catch-all guidelines.  And, lastly, realize that preventing terrorism is not a "community effort" under the direction of bloated bureaucrats and their overlords. Preventing terrorism, whether State-sponsored via false flag or legitimate, should be the role of each individual's power of discernment. It's more efficient, more honest, and more effective.

It is the utmost duty of individuals to speak out against unsubstantiated fear mongering and the usurpation of power based on upon exaggerated threats. These exaggerated threats are often designed to lead to a paranoid culture that can be easily swayed by manipulated emotions instead of critical thinking. Furthermore, violence, coercion, and threats of consequences for non-cooperation with State dictates are the hallmarks of historical tyranny.

Finally, let's not forget what the mere accusation of terrorism means in today's world: indefinite detention without a trial, torture, and the end of our unalienable rights.

Follow the above official State guidelines for reporting "potential terrorism" at your peril.



Digging Deeper Into Who Controls The World

Dees Illustration
Susan Jennings
Activist Post 

As we delve deeper into world control, more information arises that helps us understand the current global situation.  Many people are unaware of the interconnectedness between the largest global companies.

Eighty percent of the world's wealth appears to be earned by a "core" of 1,318 corporations, which in turn are being controlled by only 147 companies. Seventy-five percent of these companies are financial institutions -- and the top companies on the list are the Federal Reserve banks. 

The Federal Reserve created 26 to 29 trillion dollars' worth of bailouts for their own companies between 2007 and 2010. This was revealed in their own audit statements, and confirmed by United States Congressmen and prominent financial analysts. (Source)  Please note that the Federal Reserve, created in 1913, is a private corporation controlled by international bankers. (Source)

Anytime the ‘Fed’ prints money-Federal Reserve Notes, the American taxpayer is charged interest on the amount printed.  Alan Greenspan admitted that “the Federal Reserve is an independent agency . . . there is no other agency of government who can overrule actions we take.”

As they understood the extreme dangers to our life and liberty, our founding fathers were adamantly opposed to a central privately controlled bank.

This global control occurs in multiple ways:
  1. Different companies having the same board members (this also includes members of the same family who may be on different boards).
  2. The ongoing movement between government leaders into private sector executive/board positions or lobbying positions for companies they formerly regulated and visa versa (Tim Geithner - former New York Federal Reserve Bank President becomes Obama administration’s Treasury Secretary).
  3. Stock or bonds held in other companies (Goldman considering keeping majority of Facebook shares in Initial Public Stock Offering).
  4. The division of competing brand names owned by the same company (Proctor and Gamble).
  5. Funding through private foundations for various associations (The American Medical Association since 1910 and National Education Association are heavily funded by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations.  Hmmm...helpful when you want to control public health and education). 
  6. The ease with which those in power move between the fewer and fewer global companies and political offices.
The majority of radio, television and large Internet companies has become concentrated into the hands of just few companies.  Fifty independent companies once comprised the media as of 1983.  Now, Time Warner-CNN/TBS/TNT/AOL/Fortune/People; News Corp-Fox/New York Post/Wall Street Journal/; Walt Disney-ABC/ESPN/Miramax//Pixar; Bertelsmann-Most EU stations/Random House/National Geographic magazines; Viacom-CBS-Simon & Schuster/Comedy Central/BET/Paramount; and GE-NBC/Telemundo/MSNBC/ decide what is news. (Source)

Such consolidation creates the ability to easily manipulate the masses via television, radio and printed media.  This includes global news, political information, science, health and social values -- which we have all seen go down the toilet.  The desensitization to dead bodies &amp, increasing violence, glorification of anti-social behavior, i.e. the ones doing the most lying/cheating/stealing are the winners; the invasive surveillance systems to acclimate the public to a complete loss of privacy, and the lack of unbiased, actual reporting on critical events.

As a result, the NDAA, SOPA and PIPA legislation have all had a positive slant on them in Mainstream Media. The NDAA wipes out the 4th Amendment right to due process; and the latter two proposed laws remove our free access to websites, giving the government the right to take down Internet sites at will.  Thus, their interests seem to be solely in maximizing their profits no matter the detrimental effects on the environmental, social and health of all life.  All the while maintaining control of the global population through massive manipulation.

These few controlling global companies have financial interests in non-renewable energy industry and pharmaceutical companies.  An example being that the latest information on the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the Japanese Fukushima nuclear meltdowns reveal initial disinformation of the actual extent of these catastrophic events.  Here in Texas, the ads run by the natural gas drilling companies purporting to ‘protect the water supply’ are a good example of test results being ignored.  Especially when tap water, stock tanks, and ground water continue to show contamination of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals used in the fracking process.  So where is the FCC’s truth in advertising policy being enforced?  Many of the so called ‘news stories’ about new drugs or new types of medical testing or equipment are actually produced by the companies who are selling these drugs, tests and equipment.  And they also influence the health profession directly.  (This source shows payments made to doctors and health professionals for drug promotions. The amount for Texas is over $59 million dollars.)

Politics has become blatantly corrupted and immoral. So, as long as it suits a Super PAC (Political Action Committee) agenda, there are zero limits as to the validity of their ads for their candidate.  The Supreme Court January 21st, 2010 decision on the Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission, gave corporations, legal entities with no human attributes, the same constitutional free speech rights as humans.  (Thirty years ago, this Court ruled that ‘spending money’ is a part of free speech.)  This ruling overturned the part of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform that prohibited corporate- and union-funded campaign advertising within 90 days of an election. 

Montana’s Supreme Court restored their state's 100-year-old ban on direct corporate spending on January 12, 2012.  This will force a revisit of this matter back to the Federal Supreme Court.  Speaking of elections, did anyone happen to hear that a Barcelona, Spain company Scytl/SOE Software operates as and reports election results in over 525 jurisdictions through one access point.  (Thank you Mark for the link to Black Box Voting).  Unless you consider the Supreme Court appointing a President; replacing computer equipment to modify results; or even a hacker changing votes, as viable, these untraceable ballots are unconstitutional, as we are guaranteed the right to audit election results

Smoke and mirrors are in constant use to confuse, create fear, and to manipulate the masses.  Using fear is the basis for starting conflicts between groups. The ‘us against them’ divide-and-conquer mentality has worked for millennia.  Whether it is religious contention (most religions are based in love,) politics (political parties are funded by global interests see Follow the Money or Open Secrets), or science vs. nature (Bill Gates saying that GMO crops will feed the world); it is all about the 147’s global control of people, resources, countries and wealth. 

It is up to us.  There are many people working diligently to restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights and world freedoms -- people with integrity, including those who took the oath to uphold our Constitution.  They are many, and the key is to understand that they are for the people.  We must be extremely observant about how the ‘147’ will use the media in their final attempt to retain their devastating reign on America and the world.  Again, it is up to us to look fearlessly beyond the mirrors and smoke for the truth.  Those restoring the Constitution and our freedoms need our support.  We must be courageous and strong as we return America, and the world, to we the people.

Remember, it is our active choices that determine who we are as a people.