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Here is a short list of Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) members who have shoved the Oslo/Roadmap processes down Israel's throat, resulting in thousands of dead Israelis and Arabs in barely ten years, not to mention the total demoralization of Israel and the mass insanity of its Islamic neighbors:
  • Clinton
  • Christopher
  • Baker
  • Albright
  • Zinni
  • Powell
  • Rice
  • Kurtzer
  • Seigman
  • Bronfman
  • Tenet
  • Haass
  • Friedman
  • Stephen Cohen
  • Carter
  • Armitage
  • Burns
  • Wolfowitz
  • Berger, etc. etc.
Oh yes, and Pipes, but he's pretending otherwise for the time being. That is why he spends much of his waking hours plotting to eliminate my voice. Imagine the nerve of me pointing out that he is a proud member of the little think tank that could wreck Israel and is leaving a trail of blood throughout the Middle East.

Now let us look at just how tied up he is to the CFR establishment: HERE 
  • The Middle East Forum (MEF) has existed since 1990, but in 1994 it became a nonprofit organization with Daniel Pipes as its director.

    MEF is closely linked to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where Pipes is an adjunct scholar. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy is senior editor of MEF's Middle East Quarterly, and the institute's Robert Satloff and Samuel Lewis sit on the Quarterly's editorial board, along with Fouad Ajami of Johns Hopkins, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation, and Steven Plaut of the University of Haifa.
  • I have thoughtfully provided a list of CFR members. Visit the site and confirm the facts. Now we all know that the Washington Institute For Near East Policy is the Martin Indyk - run monstrosity that became the locomotive for Oslo, so considering his public stance on Israel, Pipes' chair there is suspicious enough, but let's look at his own board: From the 2001, Membership Roster Of The Council On Foreign Relations HERE

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