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尼古拉特斯拉的免費能源秘密被胡佛當特斯拉封鎖, 現在他去世, 他們即將發布這秘密?

2011年12月10日 0:28:26

專家稱: 福島失控

2011年12月9日 17:37:06
Radiation monitoring, Fukushima City
While walking through the highly contaminated outskirts of Fukushima City last week, I suddenly realized that this capital of the prefecture is as far from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site as my hometown is from Borssele where the only Dutch nuclear power plant in the Netherlands is located —about 60 km. While people in the 20 km exclusion zone around the Fukushima disaster site have been evacuated, the residents of this densely populated city have already waited nine months for decontamination of their houses, gardens and parks without getting any official government support for relocation, not even for children and pregnant women.
We spent four days in Fukushima City doing a radiation survey in the neighbourhoods of Watari and Onami. People there have been left to cope alone in a highly contaminated environment by both the local and national governments. Our radiation experts found hot spots of up to 37 microSieverts per hour in a garden only a few meters away from a house and an accumulation of radioactivity in drainage systems, puddles and ditches. Overall, the radiation levels in these neighbourhoods are so high that people receive an exposure to radiation just from external sources that is ten times the annual allowed dose. How high their internal exposure is from eating contaminated food and inhaling or ingesting radioactive particles remains unknown, since no government program is keeping track of this.
 Parks are the most contaminated areas in Fukushima City. Some are marked with signs: “Due to radioactive contamination, don’t spend more than one hour per day in this park.” Even on sunny days last week, the parks where empty. Mothers are smart enough to not let their children play on the playgrounds in these parks, not even for an hour. Even inside their houses, they have to worry about radiation. We measured the rooms of an elderly lady’s house who is expecting her grandchildren for Christmas. She wanted to know what the safest place was for her grandchildren to sleep.
People in Fukushima City are worried about their health, especially families with children and pregnant women. We walked around with dosimeters and radiation detection equipment and were aware of what we are exposed to and of the risk we were taking. The residents of Fukushima City had one government survey at their house last July, if any at all. Detected hotspots where left unmarked, no instructions were given on how to behave in a radioactive environment. Since then, only 35 of the thousands of houses that need to be decontaminated have been cleaned by the government.
The decontamination done by the local authorities is both uncoordinated and thoroughly inadequate. The subcontractors they are using are badly instructed, risking their own health and spreading the radioactive contamination instead of removing it. We found radioactive run-off water from a decontamination process leaking directly into the environment. And because there is no storage site for radioactive waste from decontamination work, the waste is buried directly on people’s property, sometimes only a few meters away from their houses.
The Japanese government doesn’t know how to deal with the massive contamination caused by the nuclear disaster. Instead of protecting people from radiation, they are downplaying the risks by increasing the allowed radiation levels far above international standards. And professors like Dr. Yamashita, who make statements like ‘If you smile, the radiation will not affect you’ are being employed as official advisors on radiation health risk.
In short, it is clear that the situation in Fukushima is rapidly spinning out of control, and if the national government does not take full responsibility for the protection of its population, the people affected by the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi will continue to suffer for a long time to come.
Ike Teuling is a Greenpeace radiation expert

已證實: 美國聯邦災難管理總署(FEMA)軍營收到72小時通知及授權逮捕疑犯

2011年12月10日 8:30:39

Uploaded by on Dec 9, 2011
For the record, I said months ago that I did NOT believe that there was a REAL plan to round up American/US citizens and put us into "FEMA camps"... being that I am from the "show me state" of missouri.. I felt this claim required more proof that what was offered months/years ago.

Now, the tables have turned, and I surely / sorely stand corrected.

The US congress has approved a bill which AUTHORIZES THE MILITARY to be able to arrest US citizens on US SOIL !!! Not only can they arrest us without cause, they can hold you indefinitely -- with no lawyer and no one knowing your location !! ( they can do this now through this "law" that was labeling you beligerent towards the government thus being a terrorist sympathizer --- therefore allowing the military to take you to a secret prison without a trial)

Also this very same short period of days, this week, KBR (security corporation which handles FEMA emergency camps) put out a call to staff these FEMA camps.. and to be ready on a 72 hour notice.

Take these two events together.. same week... FEMA camps being alerted to staff on a short notice, and the US military authorized to arrest people at the drop of a hat.

Here is the s. 1867 military authorization bill:

here is the link to KBR security corporation needing to staff FEMA camps with a 72 hour notice:

Here is the general link to Alex Jones / Infowars -- who has been staying on top of this issue.. (I know a lot of people thumb their nose at AJ -- but this is just one of MANY news outlets covering this issue -- just search on google s.1867 or KBR FEMA if you don't like Alex Jones or agree with his other work) This issue transcends "personalities"... we need to put any differences aside and deal with this together in unison !


2011年12月9日 6:21:33
Almost no one likes being in airports these days, but some people believe that one airport in particular -- the Denver International Airport -- is not only a hassle but also tied to conspiracies about the collapse of Western civilization.
Some say there’s a top-secret underground bunker for the world’s elite to survive a nuclear war (or the impending Mayan 2012 apocalypse). Others say the airport must have a connection to Nazis since the runways form a perfect swastika (actually they don’t).
Even ex-Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura got into the act, interviewing a man claiming that massive tunnels under the airport were built not for luggage handling or mass transit (that's what they want you to think!), but instead for much more sinister purposes.
ANALYSIS: UFO Disclosure Day: Is the Conspiracy Out There?
On his TV show Conspiracy Theory, Ventura says, "There's a lot of strange things about this airport. It's twenty-five miles from Denver; that's nineteen miles further away from old Stapleton Airport, which seemed to be just fine..." It's not clear why Ventura believes that new airports are always built closer to the nearest city than previous airports, but skeptics are not so sure anything mysterious is going on.
Brian Dunning, host of a podcast called Skeptoid which examines unusual claims from a skeptical, science-based perspective, researched conspiracies about the Denver airport.
He told Discovery News, "It's nearly impossible to summarize the vast number of ordinary events and objects at Denver International Airport that have been misinterpreted, twisted, and sensationalized into 'evidence' for a Zionist New World Order Illuminati conspiracy to control and kill American citizens. There are facets of its planning, its design, its construction, its operational history, and even its artwork that conspiracy theorists point at as proof that we're all doomed."
The airport's artwork?
Yes, perhaps the strangest claim of all is that the conspirators have gone out of their way to announce and describe their evil plans to the world. They say all the signs are there; it's all laid out in front of you, if you just understand how to interpret the clues and signs.
ANALYSIS: 9/11 Terrorists Debunk 9/11 Conspiracies
Conspiracy folks point to murals in the airport depicting World War II-era genocide and environmental degradation, along with a message of global unity, peace, and hope. Reading meaning into art is a time-honored tradition, but the conspiracy-minded find messages about Nazis, Mayan 2012 doomsday predictions, global destruction, the collapse of the American government, and even extraterrestrial contact. Conspiracy theorists love to uncover (or fabricate, depending on your point of view) clues to innumerable hidden agendas.
This illogical contradiction is common in conspiracy thinking: It's a carefully-hidden top-secret plot that no one is supposed to know about—except that the conspirators made sure to leave important clues so the public would know about it.
For example, those who believe that NASA didn't go to the moon point out that the moon has no atmosphere -- yet the American flag waves in photos supposedly taken on the moon! Is this proof that the images were shot on a sound stage somewhere, proof that NASA botched their cover-up and left a glaring error betraying their deception? Or maybe NASA and the astronauts intentionally left little clues and hints for the clever conspiracy theorists to reveal? (In fact the reason the flag waves has long since been revealed by many including "The Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait: "It looks like that because of the way the flag was deployed. The flag hangs from a horizontal rod which telescopes out from the vertical one... In other words, the flag looks like it is waving because the astronauts wanted it to look that way.")

Nikola Tesla/尼古拉特斯拉的地震機器

2011年12月8日 14:10:03
A few years ago, a friend mentioned that he had noticed a peculiar pattern of the earthquake frequency in Southern California. In all recent instances except the 1993 Northridge blockbuster, the space shuttle had been aloft at the time. (Conspiracy researcher and radio show host Dave "I Read It In A Book So It Must Be True" Emory has commented on this as well.) Even though it was meant as a joke, there are obvious implications for anyone who could control this final frontier of the natural world. Perhaps this has already been accomplished. In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may have harnessed this principle to similar effect.
Tesla has been called everything from a genius to a quack. The fact remains that the alternating current electrical system now used worldwide was his conception, and among other inventions he perfected a remote controlled boat in 1897&emdash;only a few years after the discovery of radio waves. This device was publicly demonstrated at Madison Square Garden the next year to capacity crowds.
In 1896, Tesla had been in the United States for 11 years after emigrating from his native Croatia. After a disastrous fire in his former laboratory, he moved to more amenable quarters at 46 Houston St. in Manhattan. For the past few years, he had pondered the sigificance of waves and resonance, thinking that along with the AC system, there were other untapped sources of power waiting to be exploited. The oscillators he designed and built were originally designed to provide a stable source for the frequencies of alternating current&emdash;accurate enough to "set your watch by."
He constructed a simple device consisting of a piston suspended in a cylinder, which bypassed the necessity of a camshaft driven by a rotating power source, such as a gasoline or steam engine. In this way, he hoped to overcome loss of power through friction produced by the old system. This small device also enabled Tesla to try out his experiments in resonance. Every substance has a resonant frequency which is demonstrated by the principle of sympathetic vibration&endash;the most obvious example is the wine glass shattered by an opera singer (or a tape recording for you couch potatoes.) If this frequency is matched and amplified, any material may be literally shaken to pieces.
A vibrating assembly with an adjustable frequency was finally perfected, and by 1897, Tesla was causing trouble with it in and near the neighborhood around his loft laboratory. Reporter A.L. Besnson wrote about this device in late 1911 or early 1912 for the Hearst tabloid The World Today. After fastening the resonator ("no larger than an alarm clock") to a steel bar (or "link") two feet long and two inches thick:
He set the vibrator in "tune" with the link. For a long time nothing happened-&endash;vibrations of machine and link did not seem to coincide, but at last they did and the great steel began to tremble, increased its trembling until it dialated and contracted like a beating heart&endash;and finally broke. Sledge hammers could not have done it; crowbars could not have done it, but a fusillade of taps, no one of which would have harmed a baby, did it. Tesla was pleased.
But not pleased enough it seems:
He put his little vibrator in his coat-pocket and went out to hunt a half-erected steel building. Down in the Wall Street district, he found one&endash;ten stories of steel framework without a brick or a stone laid around it. He clamped the vibrator to one of the beams, and fussed with the adjustment until he got it.
Tesla said finally the structure began to creak and weave and the steel-workers came to the ground panic-stricken, believing that there had been an earthquake. Police were called out. Tesla put the vibrator in his pocket and went away. Ten minutes more and he could have laid the building in the street. And, with the same vibrator he could have dropped the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River in less than an hour.
Tesla claimed the device, properly modified, could be used to map underground deposits of oil. A vibration sent through the earth returns an "echo signature" using the same principle as sonar. This idea was actually adapted for use by the petroleum industry, and is used today in a modified form with devices used to locate objects at archaelogical digs.
Even before he had mentioned the invention to anyone he was already scaring the local populace around his loft laboratory. Although this story may be apocryphal, it has been cited in more than one biography: Tesla happened to attach the device to an exposed steel girder in his brownstone, thinking the foundations were built on strudy granite. As he disovered later, the subtrata in the area consisted of sand&endash;an excellent conductor and propogator of ground vibrations.
After setting the little machine up, he proceeded to putter about the lab on other projects that needed attention. Meanwhile, for blocks around, chaos reigned as objects fell off shelves, furniture moved across floors, windows shattered, and pipes broke. The pandemonium didn't go unnoticed in the local precinct house where prisoners panicked and police officers fought to keep coffee and donuts from flying off desks. Used as they were to the frequent calls about diabolical noises and flashes from Mr. Tesla's block, they hightailed it over. Racing up the stairs and into the lab, they found the inventor smashing the vibrator to bits with a sledgehammer. Turning to them with accustomed old-world aplomb, he apoligized calmly: " Gentlemen, I am sorry. You are just a trifle too late to witness my experiment. I found it necessary to stop it suddenly and unexpectedly in an unusual way. However, If you will come around this evening, I will have another oscillator attached to a platform and each of you can stand on it. You will I am sure find it a most interesting and pleasurable experience. Now, you must leave, for I have many things to do. Good day." (Actually, another story is related of Tesla's good friend Mark Twain, a regular visitor to the laboratory, standing on the vibrating platform to his great surprise and pleasure, extoling its theraputic effects while repeatedly ignoring the inventor's warnings to get down. Before long, he was made aware of its laxative effects and ran stiffly to the water closet.)
One source has it that the device "bonded to the metal on an atomic level" and Tesla was unable to get at the controls, but it seems more likely that the wild movements of the girder, combined with the panic that he might bring the neigborhood down, moved Tesla to this unsubtle action. He later mused to reporters that the very earth could be split in two given the right conditions. The detonation of a ton of dynamite at intervals of one hour and forty-nine minutes would step up the natural standing wave that would be produced until the earth's crust could no longer contain the interior. He called his new science "tele-geodynamics." Newspaper artists of the time went nuts with all manner of fanciful illustrations of this theory. Tesla's fertile imagination posited a series of oscillators attached to the earth at strategic points that would be used to transmit vibrations to be picked up at any point on the globe and turned back in to usable power. Since no practical application of this idea could be found at the time that would make money for big investors or other philanthropic souls, (one can't effectively meter and charge for power derived in this way) the oscillators fell into disuse.
In the 1930s, Tesla revived the idea of tele-geodynamics to create small, realtively harmless temblors to relieve stress, rather than having to wait in fear for nature to take it's course. Perhaps this idea did not remain the idle speculation of a scientist whose star had never been on the ascendant since the turn of the century, and we occasionally experience the devious machinations of invisible "earthquake merchants" at the behest of the unseen hands who wish to experiment on and control the        related>

For the full article, order issue #7

新世界秩序計劃殺害世界90%人口 - 這是真實不是科幻小說

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