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研究:農藥殺蟲 卻害蜜蜂迷路致死

研究:農藥殺蟲 卻害蜜蜂迷路致死

根據今天發表於「科學」(Science)期刊的兩項研究,英、法國團隊專注研究蜂類和新類尼古丁殺蟲劑(neonicotinoid insecticides)。新類尼古丁殺蟲劑在1990年代推出,現為世界最常見的作物用農藥之一。
其中,英國蘇格蘭斯特林大學(Stirling University)研究團隊,讓發展中的大黃蜂蜂群在隔絕區域內自然採集、授粉6週,但是暴露於低劑量的新尼古丁類殺蟲劑之一益達胺(imidacloprid)中,並測量蜂群的成長。





Jurriaan Maessen
In a recent statement put out by “Planet Under Pressure” several scientists call for denser cities in order to mitigate worldwide population growth. When in doubt that UN’s Agenda 21 is not the Mein Kampf of our day, one should consider yet another in-your-face confession from yet another certified biocratic control freak
According to an MSNBC article one of the scientists while speaking about human populations worldwide, stated:
“We certainly don’t want them strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together].”

Insisting the world’s population be locked up within the confounds of mega-cities, the elite realizes that if the herd is to be properly controlled walls are needed- thick walls, and by constructing these walls, making the masses go this or that way will be made easier..
Chief scientist Michail Fragkias involved with “Planet under Pressure” told MSNBC that “the answer (to population growth) is denser cities.”


Reports about UFO over Denver, Colorado 

UFO sightings - Suha and Mike Owens took video Wednesday night from their home in Highlands Ranch. It shows a light in the sky that appears to change colors, and it moves left and right, up and down.

"Is it somebody's toy or is it a UFO?" Suha Owens says in the video.

9NEWS received several calls and emails Wednesday around 8:45 p.m. from viewers, all reporting a bright light in the western sky.

9NEWS spoke with Chris Peterson, a researcher at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Cloudbait Observatory, about the light.


Monsanto’s Roundup is Causing DNA Damage

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

There is a reason that masks are worn while applying herbicides, and warning signs are erected upon recently sprayed land plots; herbicide exposure is known to cause serious health complications.

New research has recently been released showing that glyphosate, the main active ingredient found in Monsanto’s Roundup Ultra Max, is causing both DNA and cellular damage to cells found in the mouth and throat.

Seeing as the inhalation of herbicides and ingredients like glyphosate is very common, this research alone is enough to raise concern over the safety of such substances which are used on a major scale.

The Institute of Science in Society reports:
…Monsanto’s formulated version of glyphosate called Roundup Ultra Max caused cellular damage and DNA damage including chromosomal abnormalities and ultimately killed the cells at higher concentrations. Importantly, DNA damage occurred at concentrations below those required to induce cell damage, suggesting that the DNA damage was caused directly by glyphosate instead of being an indirect result of cell toxicity.