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2012: First ‘Alien Earth’ May Be Found by 2014
The first true “alien Earth” will likely be discovered in the next two years, a NASA scientist says.
Astronomers have found more than 750 alien planets to date, and NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has flagged 2,300 additional “candidates” awaiting confirmation by follow-up studies. This haul has not yet included an Earth-like exoplanet — one that’s the size of our planet and orbits at the right distance from its star to support liquid water and, possibly, life as we know it.
But that could change soon, according to Shawn Domagal-Goldman, a researcher at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. who specializes in exoplanet biology.
“I believe Kepler will find a ‘Goldilocks planet’ within the next two years,” Domagal-Goldman said in a statement. “We’ll be able to point at a specific star in the night sky and say ‘There it is — a planet that could support life!’” [Video: How to Find Earth's Alien Twin]

Studying a ‘Goldilocks planet’

Some NASA officials appear to share Domagal-Goldman’s optimism, for the agency is already looking into ways to study alien Earths once they’re found.
It’s difficult to investigate such worlds directly, since faraway Earth-size planets are small and faint, their dim light almost completely drowned out by the bright glare of their parent stars. But researchers are confident that an indirect approach, called transit spectroscopy, can reveal a lot about Goldilocks worlds.


HAARP1 Something Weird on Google Earth   HAARP Facility in China?
What’s going on in China? New HAARP Facility?

Those of us familiar with “dark technology” like HAARP are used to seeing football size antennae farms with hundreds of towers and aluminum dipoles. But that’s an era of the past. Today, fractal antenna systems are the cutting edge of radiant communication systems. And this brings us to HAARP – or I should say, “ionosphere heaters” like HAARP.

Something weird, yet familiar, can be found at  N 43 04 51.75, E 92 48 26.85

At first we thought this site was a runway. Perhaps it was designed to look that way, but some professional pilots who reviewed these photos noticed several oddities that would appear to discourage that assumption. There are no approach lights, no traces of wheels striking the runway — and the runway itself is far too small with many obstructions (like the huge saucer shaped thing) to allow all but a light drone to land here… No, it’s not a runway. But then, what is it?

Then there are those weird shapes on the “arms” of the structure. They are oddly symmetrical, like new antennae designs.
The surrounding area reveals no power sources for the complex, but there is reason enough to believe that the works are hidden underground. The nearest village is called “Jiefang” (Liberation) “Kan’erjing” (underground caverns).


UFO activity filmed over Dallas, Texas 3-Apr-2012

UFO videos - This footage of strange lights in the sky was recorded in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, 3rd April 2012.

NLE 2012年:這年的結果會是一個假的網絡攻擊嗎?

NLE 2012: Will This Years Drill Go Live and Result in a False Flag Cyber Attack?

Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas
The Intelhub
The summer of 2012 is fast approaching. As it inches closer, we will start to see a major increase in US and foreign troop movements as well as military equipment movements throughout the CONUS (Continental United States).
While many of the upcoming sightings may well be normal operations as the military does like to do training in the summer, the fact is that parts of our own military, along with foreign and UN troops, are actively planning to take on the American people.
National Level Exercise drills have been in effect for years now and have been covered by many alternative news sources, including The Intel Hub through our yearly Operation Overwatch which we use to gain intel and tips from the public in order to relay them to our readers.
Over the years many people have worried about the numerous National Level Preparedness drills and, in most cases, for good reason.
In 2011, the NLE focused around an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault Zone and the year before resulted in 70 thousand people being evacuated from a Texas city after a fertilizer fire.
Interestingly enough, this years FEMA national preparedness drill is focusing on the threat of a major cyber attack on America’s infrastructure.
The last year has seen dozens of cyber attacks on government websites as well as government propagandists pushing the fear of a cyber attack on the populace. Now we have the Department of Homeland Security making cyber security the main component of their annual preparedness drill.

陰謀論: 美國軍事部門DARPA尋求更逼真的人形機械人來應付即將到來的大挑戰

DARPA seeks more lifelike humanoid robots in upcoming Grand Challenge

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is now looking for more lifelike humanoid robots to add to the military’s arsenal, which already has some quite creepy devices in the work including the SAFFiR robot, the jumping “sand flea” robot and an unbelievably fast legged robot.

DARPA’s next contest will task robotics specialists around the globe with the behemoth challenge of creating robots capable of navigating their surroundings and even handle tools with skills and dexterity near that of a human. One must expect that DARPA will have high standards this year given the recent leaps forward the military has made when it comes to robotics.