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HAARP1 Something Weird on Google Earth   HAARP Facility in China?
What’s going on in China? New HAARP Facility?

Those of us familiar with “dark technology” like HAARP are used to seeing football size antennae farms with hundreds of towers and aluminum dipoles. But that’s an era of the past. Today, fractal antenna systems are the cutting edge of radiant communication systems. And this brings us to HAARP – or I should say, “ionosphere heaters” like HAARP.

Something weird, yet familiar, can be found at  N 43 04 51.75, E 92 48 26.85

At first we thought this site was a runway. Perhaps it was designed to look that way, but some professional pilots who reviewed these photos noticed several oddities that would appear to discourage that assumption. There are no approach lights, no traces of wheels striking the runway — and the runway itself is far too small with many obstructions (like the huge saucer shaped thing) to allow all but a light drone to land here… No, it’s not a runway. But then, what is it?

Then there are those weird shapes on the “arms” of the structure. They are oddly symmetrical, like new antennae designs.
The surrounding area reveals no power sources for the complex, but there is reason enough to believe that the works are hidden underground. The nearest village is called “Jiefang” (Liberation) “Kan’erjing” (underground caverns).

The idea of high gain, cutting egde antennae, aiming up towards the ionosphere, seems to imply that this facility is designed for a purpose similar to Alaska’s HAARP facility. It’s not that far fetched. China has numerous and amazing things that can be seen from studying google-earth. There are cities — huge and so modern that they look like something out of Star Trek — these ghost towns are all empty and far removed from any other civilization and there are thousands of square miles of wind generators, weird Area-51 like places
Take a look. Check it out on google-earth.
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