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Pope Said Freemasonry is Satanism

By Henry Makow Until Freemasons took over the Papacy, many Catholic popes condemned the cult as a mortal threat.
In 1902, Leo XIII said the aim of Freemasonry is “to exercise an occult overlordship upon society; [its] sole raison d’etre is to wage war against God and His church.” Modern history and the New World Order are the product of Masonic propaganda and subterfuge. Obama. the Bushes, Clinton — all Freemasons. Communism, Zionism – branches of Freemasonry.
Abridged from a traditional Catholic website
unambiguously called ”Destroy Freemasonry”

Addressing the Church April 20, 1884, Pope Leo XIII published his magnificent Encyclical “Humanum Genus.”
Taking up Saint Augustine’s analogy of the two cities which, on earth, constitute the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan, the Pontiff reviews the progress of Freemasonry and writes:
“It is now [public knowledge] that [Freemasons] undertake to ruin the Holy Church, so as to succeed, if it is possible, in the complete dispossession of Christian nations of all the gifts they owe to Our Savior Jesus Christ.
“As a result, in the space of a century and a half, the sect of the Freemasons has made incredible progress. Making use … of audacity and cunning, Masonry has invaded all the ranks of social hierarchy, and in the modern States it has begun to seize a power which is almost equivalent to Sovereignty.
Leo XIII refers frequently to the hypocrisy which is the basis of “White Freemasonry” and mentions its revolutionary aims which turns it into “Red Masonry.”
This Encyclical most strikingly reveals the triple Masonic character, namely:
1. Counter Morality
“It aims at the complete destruction of the foundations of justice and honesty. In this way Freemasons make themselves the auxiliaries of those who wish that, like an animal, man had no other rule of conduct than his own desires – Such a scheme can only dishonor human kind and ignominiously cast him into perdition.”
” Laying this down, they care little for duties to God, or pervert them by erroneous and vague opinions. For they deny that anything has been taught by God; they allow no dogma of religion or truth which cannot be understood by the human intelligence, nor any teacher who ought to be believed by reason of his authority.”
2. Counter State
Pope Leo XIII foresaw that Freemasonry would soon form the Super State. [Whence] there was issued the Masonic dogma of separation of Church and State; thence, issued also the anti-religious laws which Brother Bethmont, [a Freemason explained as follows:]
“Violence against the Church leads nowhere, we shall use other means. We shall organize a persecution which shall be both clever and legal; we shall surround the Church with a network of laws, decrees and ordinances which will stifle it without shedding one drop of blood.”
Who, may I ask, is making those closely woven nets of laws, decrees and ordinances? The State, of course, but it is a Masonic State, an irreligious State under the power of a Super State which at the present moment is the Ruler of the World.
It is with a feeling of fear that one brings to mind the death sentence pronounced against humanity in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”
“When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness — blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony.”
That Super State is called Judeo-Masonry.
3. Counter Church
Lastly, Leo XIII concludes by unmasking the Satanism of Judeo-Masonry:
“The facts which we have reviewed throw sufficient light upon inner constitution of Freemasons and show clearly the road they are following in order to reach their goal. Their chief dogmas are so completely and manifestly opposed to sane reason that it is difficult to imagine deeper perversion. In reality is it not the peak of madness and of the most audacious impiety to be so presumptuous as to want to destroy the religion and the Church created by God Himself: and assured of His perpetual protection; and after 18 centuries to want to replace it with the customs and institutions of pagans?”
“Still no less horrible nor easy to bear to witness the repudiation of those gifts which, in His mercy, Jesus Christ bestowed first on individuals, then to human beings grouped both in families and in nations. Even the enemies of Christianity acknowledge the supreme value of those gifts.
“There is no denying that in this foolish and criminal plan it is easy to understand the implacable hatred and passion for revenge which animate Satan toward Jesus Christ. We refuse to follow the dictates of such iniquitous masters that bear the names of Satan and of all evil passions.”


The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

Everyone likes to say, “Hitler did this”, and, “Hitler did that”. But the truth is Hitler did very little. He was a world class tyrant, but the evil actually done by the Third Reich, from the slave-labor camps to WW2 was all done by German citizens who were afraid to question if what they were told by their government was the truth or not, and who because they did not want to admit to themselves that they were afraid to question the government, refused to see the truth behind the Reichstag Fire, refused to see the invasion by Poland was a staged fake, and followed Hitler into national disaster.The German people of the late 1930s imagined themselves to be brave. They saw themselves as the heroic Germans depicted by the Wagnerian Operas, the descendants of the fierce Germanic warriors who had hunted wild boar with nothing but spears and who had defeated three of Rome’s mightiest legions in the Tuetenberg Forest.
But in truth, by the 1930s, the German people had become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery was both salve and slavery. Germans were required to behave as if they were brave, even when they were not.
It’s easy to look back and realize what a jerk Hitler was. But at the time, Hitler looked pretty good to the German people, with the help of the media. He was TIME Magazine’s Man Of The Year in 1938. The German people assumed they were safe from a tyrant. They lived in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government could and more importantly could not do. Their leader was a devoutly religious man, and had even sung with the boy’s choir of a monastery in his youth.
The reality was that the German people, as individuals, had lost their courage. The German government preferred it that way as a fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one. But the German people didn’t wish to lose their self-image of courage. So, when confronted with a situation demanding individual courage, in the form of a government gone wrong, the German people simply pretended that the situation did not exist. And in that simple self-deception lay the ruin of an entire nation and the coming of the second World War.
When the Reichstag burned down, most Germans simply refused to believe suggestions that the fire had been staged by Hitler himself. They were afraid to. But so trapped were the Germans by their belief in their own bravery that they willed themselves to be blind to the evidence before their eyes, so that they could nod in agreement with Der Fuhrer while still imagining themselves to have courage, even as they avoided the one situation which most required real courage; to stand up to Hitler’s lies and deceptions.
When Hitler requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under German law, but powers Hitler claimed he needed to have to deal with the “terrorists”, the German people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, agreed. The temporary powers were conferred, and once conferred lasted until Germany itself was destroyed.
When Hitler staged a phony invasion from Poland, the vast majority of the German people, their own self-image dependant on continuing blindness to Hitler’s deceptions, did not question why Poland would have done something so stupid, and found themselves in a war.
But Hitler knew he ruled a nation of cowards, and knew he had to spend the money to make the new war something cowards could fight and win. He decorated his troops with regalia to make them proud of themselves, further trapping them in their self-image. Hitler copied the parade regalia of ancient Rome, to remind the Germans of the defeat of the legions at the Tuetenberg Forest. Talismans were added from orthodox religions and the occult to fill the soldiers with delusions of mystical strengths and an afterlife if they fell in battle. Finally, knowing that it takes courage to kill the enemy face to face, Hitler spent vast sums of money on his wonder weapons, airplanes, submarines, ultra-long range artillery, the world’s first cruise missile and the world’s first guided missile, weapons that could be used to kill at a distance, so that those doing the killing need not have to face the reality of what they were doing.
The German people were lured into WW2 not because they were brave, but because they were cowards who wanted to be seen as brave, and found that shooting long range weapons at people they could not see took less courage than standing up to Hitler. Sent into battle by that false image of courage, the Germans were dependent on their wonder-weapons. When the wonder-weapons stopped working, the Germans lost the war.
I remember as a child listening to the stories of WW2 from my grandfather and my uncles who had served in Europe. I wondered how the German people could have been so stupid as to have ever elected Hitler dog catcher, let alone leader of the nation. Such is the clarity of historical hindsight. And with that clarity, I see the exact same mechanism that Hitler used at work here in this nation.
The American people imagine themselves to be brave. They see themselves as the heroic Americans depicted by Western Movies, the descendants of the fierce patriot warriors who had tamed the frontier and defeated the might of the British Empire.
But in truth, by the dawn of the third millennium, the American people have become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery is both salve and slavery. Americans are required to behave as if they are brave, even when they are not.
The American people assume they are safe. They live in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government can and more importantly cannot do. Their leader is a devoutly religious man.
The reality is that the American people, as individuals, have lost their courage. The government prefers it that way as a fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one. But Americans don’t wish to lose their self-image of courage. So, when confronted with a situation demanding courage, in the form of a government gone wrong, the American people simply pretend that the situation does not exist.
When the World Trade Towers collapsed, most Americans simply refused to believe suggestions that the attacks had been staged by parties working for the US Government itself. Americans were afraid to, even as news reports surfaced proving that the US Government had announced plans for the invasion of Afghanistan early in the year, plans into which the attacks on the World Trade Towers which angered the American people into support of the already-planned war fit entirely too conveniently.
But so trapped are Americans by their belief in their own bravery that they will themselves to be blind to the evidence before their eyes, so that they can nod in agreement with the government while still imagining themselves to have courage, even as they avoid the one situation which most requires real courage; to stand up to the government’s lies and deceptions. The vast majority of the American people, their own self-image dependant on continuing blindness to the government’s deceptions, never question why Afghanistan would have done something so stupid as to attack the United States, and as a result, Americans find themselves in a war.
Now the US Government has requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under Constitutional law, but powers the government is claiming they need to have to deal with the “terrorists”. The American people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, are agreeing. The temporary powers recently conferred will be no more temporary in America than they were in Germany.
The US Government knows they rule a nation of cowards. The government has had to spend the money to make the new war something cowards can fight. The government has decorated the troops with regalia to make them proud of themselves, further trapping them in their self-image. Talismans are added from orthodox religions and the occult to fill the soldiers with delusions of mystical strengths and an afterlife if they fall in battle.
Finally, knowing that it takes courage to kill the enemy face to face, the United States government has spent vast sums of money on wonder weapons, airplanes, submarines, ultra-long range artillery, cruise missiles, and guided missiles, weapons that kill at a distance, so that those doing the killing need not have to face the reality of what they are doing.
As I mentioned above, Hitler was TIME Magazine’s Man Of The Year in 1938. Stalin was TIME Magazine’s Man Of The Year for 1939 and 1942. Both of these men, and many others also celibrated by the media, were unimaginable monsters. The lesson from these facts is that it isn’t easy to spot a genocidal tyrant when you live with one, especially one whom the press supports and promotes.Tyrants become obvious only when looking back, after what they have done becomes known. The German people did not stand up to Hitler because their media betrayed them, just as the American media is betraying the American people by willingly, voluntarily, even proudly, abandoning its traditional role as watchdog against government abuse. It is the very nature of power that it attracts the sort of people who should not have it. The United States, as the world’s last superpower, is a prize that attracts men and women willing to do absolutely anything to win that power, and hence are also willing to do absolutely anything with that power once they have it. If one thinks about it long enough, one will realize that all tyrants, past and most especially present, MUST use deception on their
population to initiate a war.No citizen of a modern industrialized nation will send their children off to die in a war to grab another nation’s resources and assets, yet resources and assets are what all wars are fought over. The nation that wishes to initiate a war of conquest must create the illusion of an attack or a threat to start a war, and must always give their population of cowards an excuse never to question that carefully crafted illusion. It is naive, not to mention racist to assume that tyrants appear only in other nations and that somehow America is immune simply because we’re Americans. America has escaped the clutches of a dictatorship thus far only through the efforts of those citizens who, unlike the Germans of the 1930s, have the moral courage to stand up and point out where the government is lying to the people.Unless more Americans are willing to have that kind of individual courage, then future generations may well look back on the American people with the same harshness of judgement with which we look back on the 1930s Germans.


Should You Join the Illuminati?

Reasons to consider joining the Illuminati rather than demonizing them. They might be good guys with an evil reputation.

Whenever articles have been written about secret societies and conspiracies about world domination, the Illuminati name would surface and what would be written about them would imply they were the Evil Overlords. One began to get the feeling they were a secret "them," or "they," the true rulers of the world. They sound like pretty scary people right? Far less was known about them than the Order of the Freemasons who were thought to be a more public arm of the Illuminati. One always had mental visions of them in secret locations in hooded robes, chanting evil chants and maybe even having the occasional human sacrifice event, rather like the secret society version of a barbecue. The visions of what the Illuminati did in secret were limited only by the imagination.

One definitely thought that surely all of them were rich and powerful, movers and shakers and power brokers in the world. Some probably are, but like Freemasons and other groups, the social standing of the members can vary widely. It is not always so that the rich ones pull the less rich ones up to higher levels. I am sure some networking goes on. It is human nature for those who know one another to give each other first crack at business deals, jobs, investment opportunities and that sort of thing. However I doubt seriously that any group's members all walk in lockstep regarding mutual goals. That goes against human nature. The idea there is some secret group organizing its members worldwide to move in concert to accomplish goals on some hidden timetable is a bit hard to swallow. I am not ruling it out, I am just saying I find it more improbable the older I get.

What are the Illuminati?

Adam Weishaupt and a German Freemason, Baron Adolph von Knigge, founded the Illuminati. This was officially the Bavarian Illuminati. Yes, among their plans was a desire to overthrow the Roman Catholic Church, defeat all governments and one-day rule the world. It sounds pretty evil. But it was a response to times where church domination was an evil in and of itself, and most governments were pretty oppressive. Adam Weishaupt deplored bigotry, and the backward beliefs of the clergy of his day. The 1770s, May 1, 1776 to be exact was when he officially launched the Illuminati. The Illuminati hoped to create cells of enlightened and illuminated men who would spread themselves throughout the world seeking positions of power and try to help spread the ideas of the "enlightenment period." Their intermingling with Freemasonry is what made the Catholic Church think of these secret societies as their number one enemies, and papist propaganda may have been a lot of the reason they got the evil reputation. They were demonized by the ruling elite of the time.

Why Join the Illuminati?

If you are inclined to like to associate yourself with traditions, organizations with a long and colorful history, and want to do some good in the world, this could be for you! I do not know if the modern day Illuminati groups have similar ranking systems to the Freemasons or not but more than likely they do, I would be disappointed if they did not. I would like to revel in it all and wear a pyramid with an eye in the center on my head...just for the fun of it. I know that some people link the Illuminati to Satanic groups. I am not seeing that in my research. Satanic groups have an entirely different feel to them, and different goals. Not much altruism in these groups. The Illuminati like the Freemasons seem to be about altruism and enlightenment, pushing back repression and superstition wherever it still exists.


The main risk would be getting mixed up with dangerous people. You could also risk being ridiculed by family or friends, but then they need not know, that is part of the reason for secrecy in any endeavor. Finding a genuine Illuminati organization can be tricky. If they want money, especially a lot of money to join I would write them off.
There are many Illuminati organization websites on the Net. Here is one that seems to be sincere.

You just have to let your gut be your guide. Do your own web searches for Illuminati branches. Read up on the claims for how evil they are, as some of them may be right. But also give the groups that sound sincere a fair shake. Remember why secret societies were born in secret, to be too open with new ideas could be a death sentence and even today, some ideas are best kept hidden until the average person can handle explosive information.
There is risk in everything and even a well-established fraternal organization can get branches that go off the ranch and get into activities that are really weird and dangerous. So always beware when joining any kind of group, even a church, as a lot of them have some major bad apples in their barrels. But, if you do your research, always keep your head on straight; know what your values are so you can't be pulled into any cults unawares. Why not join the Illuminati or the Freemasons. It could be fun and you could do some good in the world. Don't always believe what you hear. The Old Saying goes: "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see." So do not believe every rumor you hear regarding secret societies and fraternities. Do not fall for anything that goes against who you are, but do not be deterred by rumors. Do your own research and check things out for yourself.



18 Ways Anyone Can Join the Illuminati

Regarding the Illuminati, most of the Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists (PCT) have a habit of jumping to conclusions based on faulty evidence and reasoning. They are so good at it they could be finalists in the Olympic Conclusion Jumping Event. One of the common errors they make is that of constantly referencing each others works without going further back to find original source material.

Let's suppose that in spite of reason and logic an Illuminati does exist and you were one of the rare people who wanted to join it. By joining the Illuminati you could build an empire that increased your personal holdings while further subjugating the uninformed masses of humanity.
Let's further assume that you were not born into the so-called “blood lines of the Illuminati” to whom access is most easily granted. There must be a way to get “in”.

Here are 18 things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a part of the Illuminati.

1) Take the long view of things. Be patient. The Illuminati is, if nothing else, patient with their goal of world domination.
2) Start your own form of Illuminati group that models everything you know about the so-called “real” Illuminati. Your members should want nothing less that more power, money, control and domination while at the same time making their influence appear invisible.
3) Study up on what the PCT say about The Illuminati and learn as much as you can.
4) Get a degree from Harvard. While there make it your intent to join the Skull and Bones Society or the Pen and Quill.
5) Subtly incorporate Illuminati symbolism in everything that you do. This will include The Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye, the snake swallowing it's tail, the ankh and any variations to them.
6) Join the Masons and aspire up the hierarchy of degrees. As you progress up the Masonic Degree system be on alert for those who might be hiding their secret ambition for world domination.
7) Join any other occult group that has a hierarchy like the Rosicrucian's and work up the degree system within it.
8) Study the “mystery religions” and occult practices.
9) Form a coven or magical group.
10) Strategically find your way into the social circles of the elite. This may be done by joining various boards of directors or volunteer groups. Or by finding people who are 'connected' and working into their social circle.
11) While in these groups cautiously demonstrate a) your ambition and b) your inclination toward the occult.
12) Build a group of “slaves”. For legal reasons it's best that these relationships be consensual and from the Dominance/submission community.
13) Work on having all your outward appearances to be that of a decent, moral and upstanding citizen.
14) Openly become a member of the Christian clergy while secretly holding some occult practice.
15)Create a network of connections that form a hierarchy. The hierarchy at the bottom are those people who can help you without knowing your connection to or ambition within the Illuminati. At the top of the hierarchy are those who know, share and support your ambition. Typically this may only be two to four people. In the middle will be the various occult groups that may or may not share your interest in supporting the Illuminati.
16) Be judicious with what you tell people. Reveal your goals and purposes like a slow strip tease making certain that people only know about you what they will accept and be supportive of.
17) Appear to always know more than you are revealing. This will do two things, first it will attract people who want to learn from you and second those who have some connection within the Illuminati are more likely to confide in you.
Most of all this last point:
18) Be patient. You can only join the Illuminati after years of consistently demonstrating your worth. This could be a process that takes decades.