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It's been said that government has satellites above the planet that are so powerful they can tell the color of your eyes if you look up from the ground ... and could zap a launched missile out of the skies

But reports are saying that they don't really know where the falling satellite has landed ...

Where are all the private reports ?....
CALGARY - Officials in the U.S. and Canada are trying to determine where debris from an American satellite have landed, but the RCMP is shooting down reports that some pieces fell in an Alberta community.

RCMP calls reports of satellite debris falling in Alberta 'hoax'

More than 10 hours after the spacecraft plunged over the north Pacific Ocean, U.S. space officials didn't know just where it crashed.
Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics says the spacecraft entered the atmosphere around 12:15 a.m. eastern time over the coast of Washington state.
He says much of the debris likely fell over the Pacific Ocean, with some making it to Canada over northern Alberta and perhaps as far as the Hudson Bay.
A YouTube video and comments on Twitter have triggered speculation that debris may have hit Okotoks, a town south of Calgary, but the RCMP says it has found no evidence support that.
RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb says the video is likely a hoax, adding police have heard nothing about falling debris in the area.
"If that video is real, I will buy you a cup of coffee," Webb said in an interview.
On the video, the videographers talk throughout the footage and at one point, a person says -- "I am Oklahoma City, looking southeast and... the debris pieces keep on coming."
The video was titled "Okotoks, Canada - UARS Fiery Footage" and the Oklahoma City reference was not immediately clear.
McDowell said he'd be surprised if anyone was hurt by the debris because it appears to have fallen in such remote areas.
"I do think people saw lights in the sky and fireballs and may well be bits of UARS falling down," he said.
The bus-sized Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite was NASA's biggest spacecraft to tumble out of orbit, uncontrolled, in 32 years.
It was launched aboard space shuttle Discovery in 1991.
NASA decommissioned the satellite in 2005, after moving it into a lower orbit that cut its life short by two decades.