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6萬美國人死於NWO地下基地:NWO在戰爭中針對人民及整個世界 code red!

supposedly if true(!) this is allegedly being suppressed on 'both ends' nevertheless because of the intel's implications (?)

reporter claims two huge underground cities were destroyed a month ago

Colorado & VA's earthquake (not at all typical for that region,

at time of posting blogger's last update is 9/19 and everything vague.

supposedly MSM is suppressing USA's struggle with growing NWO resistance of not just american 'white hats' but also 87 countries so far (you're either with us or terrorists?)

"White Hat" U.S. military group resisting the 4th Reich Rockefeller Illuminati's New World Order (NWO)

demolished some of their deep underground bases (they were going to use to ride-out their upcoming concocted WW3 nuclear war) in Colorado and Virginia--and these were the actual causes of the recent earthquake(s)