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Within the last month the World's largest energy company jumped in bed with the Russian Mafia. Exxon has gained exclusive right to explore and develop Russia's vast Arctic energy wealth. On the other side of equation BP has pulled off a major energy-coup in Canada by quietly inserting itself into every major Arctic energy project planned for the next 20 years.
Perhaps the greatest scam in the history of the energy market is about to take place. Canada is allowing China to invest hundreds of Billions in the murky soil known as the Oil sands. At the same time all of the major Oil companies are quietly de-leveraging themselves of about $1-Trillion in Oil sands debt. China is buying the development cost of these mega projects in hope of gaining long term oil supplies. BUT... Canada has separated Natural Gas rights from Oil sands leases. This means that Oil sands operators will have to buy Natural Gas on the open market. The equation goes like this: it takes more natural gas energy to produce one Barrel of Tar sands Oil than that same Barrel contains. It is a net energy loss.

600+ Billion Barrels

It's called the Davis Strait, south of Baffin Island. Horizontal drilling rigs situated on land can tap this massive oil field without the risk or cost of deep sea drilling. It's the largest untapped conventional oil reserve in the world.
Everybody in the Oil business knows that the Arabs have vastly overstated their oil reserves, in fact Gulf Oil producers have increased their estimated reserves Five fold since the 1970's, but all of their major oil fields are on a typical Bell curve depletion cycle.

Enter the Royals

The soon to be next King of England made his first official visit overseas to Canada. 2 months later the Government of Canada announces the The Canadian Forces will be changing it's name back to Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force.
Then there have been rumblings that Canada will drastically cut back on their future purchases of the American made Joint Strike Fighter, in favor of the British version of the Eurofighter Typhoon2. Canada has also tapped the UK to build four ultra secret and advanced submarines. The UK pushed hard for a Canadian to be the NATO Commander in the Libyan air campaign at the same time 5 major 100+ Billion dollar energy deals were made between Canadian and UK energy companies.

Mega Natural Gas pipeline

Canadian natural gas is going to be pumped straight to the UK via a BP made underwater pipeline that will run through Iceland. The natural gas price war in Europe is going to heat up and for once wester European nations will have an alternative to the Russian gas monopoly.