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How Iran Can Collapse All of the Bilderberg Banks and Governments
Posted on November 29, 2011

Not just Iran but any nation state with twenty billion dollars can quadruple their money and bring down all banker controlled governments.

All the Iranians have to do is to announce the purchase ten billion dollars in silver and ten billion dollars in gold over the next 90 days. This announcement is to be made only after they had purchased a billion dollars in silver bullion and a billion dollars in gold.

Eric Sprott is seeking Canadian approval to buy 1.5 billion dollars in silver. has been doubling its silver holdings every two years. China allows bank customers to deposit their savings into silver accounts. The Chines inflation rate is more than 10%. 300 million Chinese have a choice to either see their savings decline 10% a year in cash accounts or quadruple in silver accounts. Which do you think the Chinese will choose? Hint: Chinese people have been buying silver for thousands of years to escape from the ravages of inflation.

Jeff Christian, a former Goldman Sachs VP, has said in testimony before the CFTC that there is a hundred dollars of paper gold and silver for every dollar of bullion. The big banks have leased gold from the American government which they have sold several times. The Federal Reserve has paid banks and brokerages to sell short billions of dollars in paper gold and silver in the futures market. I once saw the screen shot of the FED selling ten billion dollars of paper silver in one minute. That was many times more than the total amount of bullion actually available for sale.

If the Iranians wanted to have fun, they would say they absolutely needed to buy gold because Russia and China will have to publish a gold backed currency after all the other currencies collapse. They will begin by backing the ruble and yuan with gold and fixing their exchange rates. We do not want to be excluded from world trade. After the dollar, the euro and the pound collapse, we will want to fix our currency to the Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan. If Americans want to import oil or anything else from overseas, all they will have to do is to buy gold at 2, 3 or 5 thousand dollars an ounce before proceeding with their purchases.

This announcement should be made after secret Iranian silver and gold purchases had driven bullion prices up by 20%.

The COMEX in New York and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) will collapse. The ETFs GLD and SLV will collapse. Stock markets all over the world will collapse. The New York and London banks will collapse. That is the power base of the Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission.

The Iranians could have their friends in the United States suggest we have two choices. Obama could send the US Army door to door seizing gold, silver and guns. America will be made safe for the bankers just as soon as the troops seize all 300 million plus guns and 10 billion bullets Americans have in their homes.

Alternatively we could make the world safe for human beings by outlawing fractional reserve debt based currencies.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to very slowly read the following to a congressman, a TV pundit or other assorted Zionists will be doing the entire world a great service.