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不讓你知道的秘密( Part 4)

Translated by Coco Lee

波希米亞樹叢發生什麼事What happens at Bohemian Grove?

For decades rumors about Bohemian Grove have run wild through the conspiracy world — but what actually happens at Bohemian Grove?

聯邦緊急事務管理局馬德里斷層FEMA, the New Madrid Fault

Experts say there’s a 10% chance that the US will experience a severe earthquake within the next 50 years. However, some conspiracy theorists believe a quake is due much sooner — and that FEMA is preparing for it in secret.

鬼魂存在證據Is there evidence that ghosts exist?

People have always been preoccupied with what happens to us after we die, leading some to believe in the existence of ghosts. But is there any real, conclusive evidence that these supernatural beings exist?

費城實驗事實還是虛構?The Philadelphia Experiment: Fact or Fiction?

Nowadays many people are familiar with the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment — but how did it all begin?

阿斯巴甜為什麼是一個有爭議添加劑Why is aspartame such a controversial additive?

Aspartame is sweeter than sugar and packs less of a caloric punch. Sounds cool, right? So why has aspartame become one of the most controversial food additives in history?

真正的莎士比亞,請你站起來Will the real Shakespeare please stand up?

William Shakespeare is one of the most well-known, influential writers in the English language — at least, that is, if he actually wrote it. Tune in to learn more about the controversial debate surrounding William Shakespeare’s identity.

納粹黨真的會用魔法嗎?Did Nazis really practice magic?

After World War II, conspiracy theorists started making increasingly strange claims about the Nazi party: One of the strangest claims concerns magic. But why do people believe the Nazi party practiced magic — even more importantly, is it true?

搜索尼斯湖水怪The Search for The Loch Ness Monster

Scientists from around the world have scoured Scotland’s Loch Ness in an attempt to discover the infamous Loch Ness monster (affectionately known as ‘Nessie’).

中國在殖民非洲Is China colonizing Africa?

There’s no denying that China has major investments in countries across Africa, but what does it mean in the long-term? Tune in to learn why some politicians and conspiracy theorists believe that China is actually colonizing Africa.

其他月球陰謀理論The Other Lunar Conspiracy Theories

Most people have already heard the most popular lunar conspiracy theory — that no one actually landed on the moon — but what about the rest? Tune in to learn more about other moon-based conspiracy theories, including lunar structures and UFO sightings.