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不讓你知道的秘密( Part 3)

Translated by Coco Lee

誰是黑超特警Who are the men in black?

Forget Will Smith: The real men in black are much more sinister — at least, that is, if they exist at all. But what exactly are the men in black? Listen in to learn more about the conspiracy theories concerning these mysterious individuals.


Whistleblowers are a controversial — and, some would argue, crucial — part of the modern world. Watch the first installment of this three-part series to learn more about the history and future of whistleblowing.

水晶頭骨有什麼大不了?What’s the deal with crystal skulls?

When Anne Mitchell-Hedges found a crystal skull at a Belizean excavation site, rumors spread like wildfire. People claimed that the skulls possessed supernatural powers. Science has debunked these claims, but they still persist.

全球暖化陰謀論Global Warming Conspiracy Theories

Global warming has historically been a controversial topic. Today mainstream scientists and politicians still debate the potential consequences of the phenomenon.

打擊毒品戰是陰謀一部分Is the War on Drugs part of a conspiracy?

The War on Drugs has continued for decades, yet the U.S. remains the world’s largest market for illegal drugs. But, according to some, this is a war the U.S. was never meant to win.

誰在製造這些麥田圈Who’s Making All Those Crop Circles?

Cereologists don’t all agree on how crop circles form, but there are some wild theories out there, including freak weather and UFOs. Also, hoaxers confessed to making hundreds of circles.

為什麼有些害怕食品法規Why are some people afraid of food regulations?

The FDA is meant to protect consumers, but some conspiracy theorists believe it was built to control the food supply. In fact, they claim UN accords take this plan one step further.

馬耳他騎士The Knights of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a centuries-old organization that conducts humanitarian missions around the world. So why do some people believe it isn’t as innocent as it appears?

蜜蜂發生了什麼事What’s happening to the bees?

Recently, U.S. beekeepers have reported a disturbing increase in hive failures. Experts are still trying to learn what’s driving the collapse of these hives — but some conspiracy theorists claim the government knew about this before it hit the news.