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天氣戰 - 可怕:科學家創造暴雨?

發表於 2011年1月5日


Technology createcd 50 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi's Al Ain Region last year.

For centuries people living in the Middle East have dreamed of turning the sandy desert into land fit for growing crops with fresh water on tap.
Now that holy grail is a step closer after scientists employed by the ruler of Abu Dhabi claim to have generated a series of downpours.
Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the state's eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather.
Most of the storms were at the height of the summer in July and August when there is no rain at all.
People living in Abu Dhabi were baffled by the rainfall which sometimes turned into hail and included gales and lightening.

The scientists have been working secretly for United Arab Emirates president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan… Full Article


技術createcd 50暴雨在阿布扎比的艾因地區去年。



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