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Rockefeller's Ninja Goes Public With Illuminati 'Truth' About 'God'

by Benjamin FulfordNovember-16-2008
from Rense Website

A senior member of a secret society that has ruled much of humanity for the past 5775 years has gone public. This society is none other than the "God" of the old testament.

While it is impossible to independently confirm the truth of much of what he has to say, and while it is almost certain what he has told me is a mix of truth and disinformation, much of it does fit with what we truth seekers have all been learning sincethe events of 911.

His testimony has finally given me enough pieces of the puzzle to reveal much about this "God" organization know known to us as the illuminati.

Before I proceed further I wish to remind all truth seekers of that old adage:
"the truth is stranger than fiction."
The Ninja's name is Shiramine and until now he went by the code name "OK Corral." The Ninja's are an organization that date back to 7th century Japan. They are not to be confused with the Chinese secret societies that go back to 500 B.C.

The Ninja's come in three basic ranks.
  1. The first rank is the martial arts experts (sometimes completely covered in black clothing for night work) we usually associate with Ninja's. These were and remain today the Japanese elite forces. The head of the Ninja elite forces today is a man by the name of Hatsumi. Hatsumi has trained over 170,000 US, UK, and Israeli special forces and is considered one of the world's premiere martial arts experts.

  2. The second level Nina's are like military planners or senior bureaucrats. They are charged with strategic planning.
  3. The highest level Ninjas are people who make history. In the old days they served the Emperor or various war-lords. Today's high level Ninjas serve the Emperor of Japan or else the Rothschild or Rockefeller families. Shiramine was, until recently, David Rockefeller's Ninja charged with enforcing his secret rule over Japan.
However, according to Shiramine, there has been a generational change in the secret government of the West.

David Rockefeller has ceded power to his Nephew Senator Jay Rockefeller. Evylin Rothschild, for his part, has ceded power to Baron David Rotschild. Just as a new king brings forth new policies, so does a generational change in the Western secret government.

So, Shiramine now reports to Jay Rockefeller.

The reason Shiramine decided to go public is that his bosses in the Ninja organization (those who report to the imperial family) found out he was an illuminati agent. They contacted me and asked if they should have him "taken care of." A terrified Shiramine came to me for support. I told him that since he had been un-masked, his best policy would be to go public.

And so he has.

According to Shiramine and many other sources (including secret Rothschild documents I have in my possession), the Japanese imperial family dates back 442 generations or 8000 years. Back then Japan was a refuge in a world ravaged by radical environmental change and the collapse of advanced civilization.

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