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By Mac Ghille Aindrais
Below is a link to a memo from Andrea Psoras dated May 5, 2008, who is from QED International, to the Secretary of the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) discussing the ‘legitimacy’ of trading insurance risk related to weather events, as commodities.

Commodities are traded every day on the stock markets all over the world. Insurance companies insure for “events” that protect these commodities as well as property. These “event” contracts are also traded on the stock market.
At the present time, insurance companies provide compensation in the event of a natural catastrophe.
So the question is, according to this memo, “Should insurance companies be liable for the “weather manipulation” events that occur that are covered under insurance policies?”
Basically, the insurance industry wants the term “natural event” to be completely redefined to mean “only natural events” and leave out any “weather manipulation/modification or earth shaking events” from the policies. The insurance companies don’t want to be liable for providing compensation for what the government, military, and intelligence agencies are creating with weather manipulation technologies.
They cite a report from August 1996, to the Air Force, that the government wants to rule the weather by 2025. So if a particular tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or flooding is found to NOT BE A NATURAL event, then the insurance companies don’t want to pay for it – and want that defined in the policies.
The memo goes on to list the areas of weather modification:
  • Fog – creating fog by means of cloud seeding, dispersal techniques, and chemtrails
  • Precipitation – creating precipitation by means of lasers and using nanotechnology
  • Storms – creating and controlling storms by means of creating heat in atmosphere, storm cell triggering, and lightning modification
  • Space-Weather Modification – through controlling the ionosphere using chemical vapors, heating the electromagnetic radiation, x-rays, particle beams, and radiation beams
Please read the document. It will open your eyes to exactly what is going on around us everyday right under our noses.
They even have diagrams showing the system of going about modifying our weather.
Puts a new light on the insurance debarcle experienced by many Queenslanders after the January 2010 floods. Please see the below links of reports on weather modification technologies in Australia.
The company MIPD mentioned in the above article has since removed its website and contact details from the internet.
And yes, the Murdoch’s have their finger in this pie too – Malcolm Turnbull kindly gave a grant of $10million to Matt Handbury, chairman and part owner of the so called Australian Rain Corporation, beneficiary of the Minister’s funding. Matt Handbury is the wealthy nephew of Rupert Murdoch and chairman and proprietor of Murdoch Books, which is the headquarters for Australian Rain Corporation.