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2011年11月2日 11:25:34
Lots of pieces put together here that make sense don't you agree? The grays (Annunaki devolved version) apparently have been the whispering devils giving power to those who choose the dark side forever. "Some" are are already here. Dan Winter describes they ruined their DNA a long time ago during the Orion war trying to mechanize their biology. Now their DNA will not implode correctly. This also makes sense why the governments have allowed them to extract DNA from people at random because they struck deals in the name of technology and power.
It turns out this has probably been going on since the time of Babylonia and why the Vatican and British Royalty have risen to such power in the world. The truth, more than likely, is that many of us are from some area in Orion and that is VERY IMPORTANT to remember because if we have brothers out there that come to assist at any point against the ones in power we do not need to be faked into believing those that would help us are space terrorists.