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2011年11月2日 8:26:17
by Zen Gardner

I don't have the data on this but I'm sure it's one the first things many of us thought about. What a "coincidence" a record early snowfall hits the northeast US while Occupy Wall Street is gaining such national and international momentum.

New York - A rare October snowstorm blasted across the heavily populated U.S. Northeast on Saturday, knocking out power to about 2.5 million customers, delaying airline flights and threatening some areas with up to a foot of snow.

..In a tweet, NYC officials said that all city parks were closed, citing the risk of falling trees. Source

Hmmm...How Convenient

It's happened before. Weather manipulation is continual in the United States and elsewhere. Check the alternative sites who specialise in this, they're good.

If this is news to you, see the US Military paper Owning the Weather by 2025. Says it all. Like chemtrails, just the patents for all this technology is a total giveaway.

Follow this subject down the rabbit'll get your mind blown.

Keep wondering, but keep communicating. Things are moving fast, and the big war approaches, sorry to say. They're insatiable.

But love and consciousness rules. So fear not.

Love, Zen