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The Illuminati Royalty Program
2011年5月13日 11:43:33

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Prince & Princess programming from birth - Cinderella characters painted to poignantly fit

by Zen Gardner
Yes, "only Princes and Princesses can have fairy tale or story book lives. Oh, what wretched peons the rest of us are. We don't deserve to even be in their presence."
And so fables from antiquity to today perpetrate the tyranny of the self-appointed few, who live more and more lavishly while the real people of the earth suffer manipulated hardships and shortages to keep them in line.

The Apparent Message of "Royalty"

(Mockery by Zen): 'We decree that we are allowed to play by different rules. We can heap unto ourselves as much treasure as we want and live in total opulence. We are your rulers, but will graciously allow you to experience your joys and happiness vicariously through our presupposed purity, pomp and grandeur. Despite our godlike greatness and splendor, we will stoop to your level, although with deference. You will love and covet our ceremonies, our costumes, and even our scant attention to your menial lives.
We shall rule from on high, as from Mount Olympus, while you shall do the chores....and you shall do it thankfully, knowing you are serving your demigods'.
Whatta crock.

The Royal Protocol

An awake and aware individual would be offended by the following excerpt, and see it as degrading and almost unreal. However, it comes from an "informative" website that glorifies and oozes about European royalty. In it, the "rest of us" are referred to as "commoners", and the ruling sovereign as "the highest order of human being".
I kid you not. Hence the disconnect between the awake and the hypnotized.
The rigid class system in Britain clearly defines the invisible barrier that separates royalty from ordinary folks. The Royal Protocol is the standard decorum of the court and strickly imposed in the Kingdom. It refers to the proper flow of the activities of the royals including the discipline, formality and lifestyle. This decorum is the basic guide for commoners how to treat royal family members.
There's also an unwritten rule of "order of precedence" for men and women in the realm that traditionally followed. In the hierarchy of royals and nobles, royals come first with the ruling sovereign as the highest order of human being. The commoners including those royal members should give bows and curtsies when facing the monarch and should move slightly backward when the sovereign is approaching. (Source)

High Sorcery

Acceptance of this illusory world of "make believe" is mandatory in today's world. It's embedded in not just fairy tales, but throughout literature and symbolism worldwide and obviously the modern media machine, as typified by the dark "magic kingdom" of Disney and Hollywood, the hollywood sprig being the very source for the "magic wand".
The cognitive dissonance generated by cartoon characters pushing not just manipulative magic and mind programming fairy tales, but promiscuous sex, crass violence and a host of other culture-raping themes is overwhelming...which is the exact intention of these manipulators.
Alan Watt encapsulates this very well: (never mind the second part of this video)

The Illuminati Run the Royals

It's known the ruling families of the world are of the same bloodline. This is by design, with the furtherance of domination along with the accompanying social engineering.
If that's hard for you to swallow you have a whole lot of research to do. Do it, it's well worth it.
This planned conspiracy against humanity has been in effect for millenia, and was ramped up in the 1700's by a coagulating group who are referred to as the Illuminati. Their usage of so-called royalty has been generational.

Precognition Equals Acceptance

My whole premise in this short article is that the would-be controllers, those powers manipulating the media and world events, like to hide behind in-your-face facades. Whether it be obviously false political or religious leaders, the use of archetypes and symbolism, or just plain diversions, the human race is being had.
The "divine right to rule" should be challenged--by all. It is in itself a mechanism foisted on humanity for its subjugation to ill-intentioned entities.
By entraining your mind to identify and accept fables, false history and supposed coming engineered changes to see the world as they would like it to be, we will be a controllable race.
We must resist.
Don't take my word for it...there's plenty to research for yourself.
And when you find out what's really going on, don't take it lying down. Speak up and do your part.
(hat tip Jean Bush for the amazing illustration..)