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In 2001 an anthrax laced letter was mailed to government officials. It was the first time such an attack had taken place through the mail.
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[ Preface:  My authoring of this post is by no means an inference or suggestion that an Anthrax attack may occur in the United States. I am simply noting that the order was placed and reporting on what I learned. ]
This video report is from YT reporter CarneyArt. He spotted it on the Global Security Newswire. The anthrax doses were order through Maryland Biotech firm Emergent Solutions. The reporter speculates about who those doses are for, and what might happen to the other 255 million Americans who don’t get a dose. It’s all casual speculation, but the order was noteworthy.

When I googled “Emergent Solutions” several interesting websites came up. The first website is most likely not related to the Bio Lab, but I don’t know that for sure. They may be connected somehow, or not. Their site most definitely sounds as if they are ALL ABOUT the globalist elitist agenda. Read
The second link looks like the company the FED ordered from. Here’s their website:
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On June 8th 2011 the following video was uploaded to the CDCStreaminghealth Youtube channel:

This PBS TV advert below on an upcoming show titled “The Anthrax Files” aired on Sept 22 2011.“The Anthrax Files” will air on October 11. I am assuming at this point that this is all just coincidence. There is no reason to believe it’s not coincidence. But I will continue to watch and report.
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