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2012: 研究者發現51區飛碟証據

2012: Researcher Finds Proof Of Area 51 Flying Saucers

Intrepid researcher Scott C. Waring—author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 and Dragons of Asgard—followed in the sometimes circuitous footsteps of controversial UFO personality Bob Lazar and uncovered amazing proof of disc and V-shaped craft both airborne and hangared at the test base. Waring has obtained documented proof that alien-inspired, back engineered craft are being flown by the United States Air Force.
Scott Waring has found the best proof ever that USAF has ET technology
Bob Lazar: Alien craft are being reverse-engineered at S-4
Former Area-51 employee, Bob Lazar
Nevadan Bob Lazar came to fame by divulging alleged inner projects of the USAF’s infamous and top secret S-4 test site located within Area-51 at Groom Lake, Nevada.
Among other things, Lazar claimed he worked there after meeting withand being recommended by—world renown nuclear physicist, Dr. Edward Teller at the Los Alamos facility in New Mexico.