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April 6, 2010

In recent meetings with various self-described members of the “Illuminati,” I have been told about how they have monopolized powerful ancient technologies in order to enforce their secret rule over humanity.
In fact they have even provided me with several books describing in exact detail how to summon various “entities” who control primeval forces.

According to them, if a modern human goes to visit a primitive tribe and shows them something like a pair of binoculars, then it will seem like magic to those people. In the same manner, they say, their ancient technologies will seem like “magic” to us.

The Illuminati members say they were entrusted with this technology thousands of years ago and told to use it to guide human history according to a predetermined plot that ends on December 21st, 2012. That is the date they say that a once in 25,920 years known as a precession of the equinoxes takes place.
That date will mark the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.
They say they do not know what happens after that date and that they are very nervous.

Normally I treat such talk with extreme skepticism but I have seen something totally mysterious with my own eyes that has made me open my mind to the possibility of this being true. The entities the Illuminati say they can summon each have a special symbol.
When I was in the Philippines on December 21st, 2009 with some disciples of Nikola Tesla and various shamans, we held a ceremony on a large lake near Manila.
On the day of the ceremony there was extremely heavy rain and the skies were almost as dark as night because of the cloud cover. I asked the Tesla disciple if the rain wouldn’t interfere in the ceremony.
She responded by saying,
“do not worry, it will not rain during the ceremony.”
When the ceremony took place they threw a tablet of transparent material with various Illuminati symbols on it into the lake.
The sky above where the ceremony was being held immediately cleared up but the heavy rain and thick cloud cover remained all around us. This extremely unusual phenomenon was almost certainly captured by satellite and so can be independently confirmed.

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