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2012年:地極轉移?進入陰陽魔界? 2012: Has Something Shifted? Entering the Twilight Zone?

by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

Has Something Shifted? Entering the Twilight Zone?

Just as you thought life couldn’t get any weirder – it did! You don’t have to be a super psychic to feel that the energy has accelerated with a strange new twist. Many are feeling a little dizzy or out of balance / out of body, while others are feeling just plain tired and taking some much needed catnaps.We are also seeing a trend of small and some not so small weird mishaps; from bumping your heads to full on life threatening accidents. Other health issues are on the rise as well. Some are feeling confused and feel stuck and without guidance.

We Can Feel It. Something Has Shifted

This transformational, evolutionary amplified energy has certainly got everyone’s attention. Something has shifted and you are not real sure what this means, what caused it, and how you fit into the new energy. You find yourself questioning who you are and why you are here with a renewed vengeance.

Do you remember that you came to Earth this time around for the much anticipated BIG SHIFT of the ages? Your not being here this time around was completely out of the question. That would be like missing out on getting tickets to the Big Movie Premiere. You couldn’t have that so away you came all in a big hurry to get here so you wouldn’t miss out. Well the mission was accomplished. You haven’t missed out on a thing and the front row tickets to the big show is in your pocket. You made it just in time!

Now being here for the big shift, the premiere for earths ascension, means that you will learn and enjoy energy fluctuations and accelerations without knowing fully what is going on. The big mystery of knowing you do not know, is part of the fun you expected when you bought the ticket. We are little kids exploring the world and we make of it what we will. It is like a big cosmic roller coaster, we scream on the way up and down, but we love it just the same.