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The term Freemason Signs will immediately have most people thinking of the secret means of communication between members of this very secret Brotherhood. Much is written about the way Masons allegedly gain favor by using a handshake here and a word there.
The handshake, or grip, as it is known is often regarded as one universal secret handshake that Masons use to identify each other and gain advantage in social and business situations.
The truth is that there are different handshakes for the three regular levels, or degrees, of Masonry. The Entered Apprentice, Fellow-Craft and Master Mason all have a different grip to identify themselves. The grips are said to differ only by which knuckle the giver places his thumb upon whilst shaking the receivers hand.
There are many videos and pictures on the internet that allegedly show many famous faces from the world of entertainment and a good number of political figures giving and receiving masonic handshakes, resulting in allegations that these men are members of the secret Brotherhood.
Another sign that has been well documented, and is the alleged distress signal of a Mason in trouble, is the High Sign. It is said that with this sign, a Mason finding himself in a serious situation such as a court appearance, has only to raise his hands over his head in a hands up fashion and lower them three times whilst repeating the words: Oh Lord, my God, is there no hope for the widows son?
It is said that, upon hearing the above phrase used whilst performing the hands up gesture, a Freemason has a no choice obligation to help his fellow Mason in trouble.