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A nuclear Iran and potential war with Syria

Hezbollah and Hamas are just some of the challenges Israel could face in the coming year of 2012. With Iran continuing what appears to be an unstoppable race towards obtaining nuclear weapons, 2012 appears to be turning into the year which might be the last chance to stop the Ayatollahs from obtaining the bomb.

  Hezbollah, Israel believes, has obtained 50,000 rockets and missiles of various sizes and ranges that encompass the entire State of Israel and could be fired in a future war. This is in comparison to the 15,000 rockets it had just five years ago during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

With predictions that Syrian President Bashar Assad's days are numbered, concern is growing in Israel over the possibility that in the twilight days of his regime, Assad will attack Israel, possibly with his long-range Scud missiles.

And then there is the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Middle East – the American pullout from Iraq, the future withdrawal from Afghanistan, the revolution in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya - all of which can impact Israel’s security.

It is under this climate that The Jerusalem Post will be holding its first conference in New York on April 29, 2012.

As the paper’s military correspondent and defense analyst, I strongly recommend that you attend the conference and come hear from Israeli leaders and some of our leading analysts and reporters.

2012 is shaping up into one of the most important years in Israel’s existence. Come be a part of it.