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2011年12月27日 6:12:33
Egypt Independent has named Egyptian presidential candidate Tawfik Okasha and his protege Ahmed Spider as two of its five "most controversial figures in 2011."

The newspaper appears to have no love for those named on its list, and subtly mocks Mr. Spider, saying that he believes "Egypt is under attack from the Freemasons, and that the revolution was planned in advance by shadowy figures." Again, note that the push for democracy is equated with "shadowy" behavior and Freemasonry. This myth has long circulated the Middle East, but it is troubling to see it in the post-Mubarak Egypt.

Tawfik Okasha is described as "one of Egypt’s preeminent miners digging for Freemasons." Okasha recently took the time to denounce Canadian TV show host Michael Coren as a "Freemason," much to Coren's surprise. Egypt Independent says Okasha, is "remarkable in his energy and vitality, delivering enraged monologues about the Zionist-Freemason plot against Egypt interspersed with tributes and messages to his flock, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) supporters who gather on some Fridays in Abbaseyya Square."

The Giza pyramid was closed on 11/112011 due to fears that a Masonic ritual with a Star of David was going to take place there. Apparently inspired by this, Okasha, Egyptian Independent says, recently discussed on TV, "the danger of 13/13/2013, the day when Freemason powers are apparently at their highest." The newspaper notes that the message was "undermined slightly by a studio hand pointing out live on air that there is no 13th month in the calendar."