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2011年9月30日 10:23:51
Watcher Note: This video, based on psychological manipulation of the UK citizenry, can apply just as easily here in the U.S.. After all, it's the same puppet masters pulling the strings whether it is Britain, Europe, Canada, America, or even China and Russia. This is a WORLD conspiracy, and we'd best pay attention to what is happening in the UK because it is also happening here. The threat is against human liberty everywhere, and in the end, it will take citizens everywhere to put an end to the New World Order attack on our faith and freedom.

By Brian Gerrish

Brian Gerrish gives a presentation in Bournemouth England about how The Nation is being subverted by suttle psychological techniques used by Schools, Media, Government. All meant to destabilise and change the nation. Direct attack upon the people and the culture.

“Keep Calm Carry on (wartime message) because We Have some very dangerous people now controlling the country. They are starting to really hurt people and are starting to pull the country apart…The violence is what they want…. if this happens we lose…in comes the Police State Measures..”. “The country is being subverted from the inside”. Through the use of: fraud, corruption, porn, drugs, child abuse, big brother, big society, codex alimentarius, wars, torture, vaccines, agenda 21, change, one world government, banksters, surveillance and more. 

Filmed on Location by The Free World Alliance Camera Crew in England