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2012:全部由此而起 2012: It All Starts Now

The tasks facing lightworkers are evolving as the dark cabal is swept from positions of power.  Opportunities to work with the galactics are opening up. We’re invited to increase our role in disseminating information on what is transpiring. Opportunities to work in government and on the new economy will become available as the transitional governments are being planned and brought into being.
Three recent messages deal with this subject and can profitably be gone over in some detail. One is from Sananda through James McConnel; (1) one from the Galactic Federation through Gregg Giles; (2) and one from SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey. (3)
To my understanding, Sananda and Jesus are different personalities. Sananda overlit Jesus in his ministry as the Christ but he occupies a different position in the spiritual hierarchy than Jesus does. If I remember correctly Jesus works with the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood but Sananda works with the galactic fleets. Both forward the goal of Ascension.
Sananda told us on Feb. 28, 2012, that “many changes are occurring at many levels throughout the planet. We are entering a time of cleansing unlike anything that has ever happened here.” He went on to describe those changes: “Powers that be are being quietly replaced or set for reassignment. In so doing, your world is preparing for sweeping changes that are only moments away.” He then issued his invitation to lightworkers.
“You, each one, have it within your power to be a part of those changes or watch them sail by with nary an inclination to participate. However, you are the light workers and came here to fulfill a mission that is fast moving toward completion.  It is your choice to watch or become all you came here to be.”
If we are to take up this opportunity, “you need to act and act swiftly as times are indeed growing short.”
“It is truly time now to believe in yourselves and know that you are acting under the highest authority there is, that of Prime Creator. A decree has gone out across the universe for all to come to the aid of their fellow brothers and sisters.”
Our is a divine mission and “you are certainly not alone in your struggles to bring this Earth back to its long ago prominence. You have all of Heaven at your disposal and the assistance of light workers everywhere. So why then would you hesitate to act with the courage now that is needed when you are indeed nearing the finish line?” He outlines the work ahead.
“Why would you hesitate after lifetime after lifetime of stress and strain, to see a better earth now when you are so close. Is it too much to ask for just a little more effort to end the bonds of tyranny for ever on this  planet or would you continue to sit idly by and wait for someone else to do it? What can I do you might ask? And that dear ones is the beginning of courage needed to finish the last mile.”