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A witness with a military background and a position of influence within the City of London has come forward and offered Bill Ryan of Project Camelot a view into Illuminati plans for World War III.

Apparently the Illuminati plan to use nuclear and biological weapons to cement their control of the world and reduce the world’s population to a “manageable” size.

The Earth’s spiritual hierarchy and the Galactic Federation have assured us that no nuclear war or any scenario close to it will be allowed to happen. (See 1 for references.)

However, we have seen, from the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in South Asia, (2) how much destruction the Illuminati are capable of wreaking on the planet and how, left to their own devices, they woould not hesitate to desolate it to ensure control. It is necessary for us to be aware of the Illuminati’s plans and not to co-operate with them, though, as the witness states, not to engage in violent resistance either.
I began my career as a historian with a paper on concepts of Anglo-Saxondom in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The witness postulates that it is a vision of an “Anglo-Saxon” mission that motivates the present cabal.

However, in my view, racial theories are purely self-serving. An “Anglo-Saxon” mission allows for British/American co-operation. But, if it worked better to craft a “Teutonic” or an “Aryan” vision, the cabal, I believe, would do so.

Towards the end, the witness shares his knowledge of the intervention of benevolent ETs. There are many papers on this site and on its companion (3) that discuss the 2012 scenario which the SHGF are propelling us towards, with the help of their Earth allies.
There is no reason to become afraid based on what you read here. But there is good reason to become informed.
“B” refers to Bill Ryan of Project Camelot and “W” refers to the anonymous City of London witness.
BILL RYAN (B): I want to thank you for coming forward with what was immediately clear to me, once I’d read your written debrief, that you have some highly significant information that needs to be shared. And it’s our job at Project Camelot to assist you in reaching people who are aware enough to understand what you’re saying, why it’s important, and to put it in perspective with other information that they may have.
And to introduce all of this, I wonder if you could say what it is that you’re prepared to say on record about your background, about your history… just in general what you think is okay to share about how it is that you’ve actually been positioned to get a hold of the information that you’re going to be reporting.

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