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(有片)哥倫比亞出現UFO /Flying saucer filmed over Barrancabermeja, Colombia 9-Mar-2012

Flying saucer filmed over Barrancabermeja, Colombia 9-Mar-2012

This daytime footage of some kind of disc-shaped UFO was recorded over in Colombia on  Friday, 9th March 2012.

Here's a translation of the video provided to us by one of our readers (thanks!):

Two unidentified flying objects were photographed when they were in the Barrancabermeja refinery.

The photojournalist, Edgar Malagon, says that while on a photography work at the refinery in Barrancabermeja, his camera captured images of two UFOs that were in the vicinity of the oil complex.

Said the photographer of the mayor of Barrancabermeja, which at the time of the photographs of UFOs, was doing work for a documentary on the oil city of Colombia.

He argued that the two UFOs flew over him at a distance no greater than one kilometer and the clouds.

He said that the shape was oval, very perfect and they were going at high speed.