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令人難以置信的故事:一個失控UFO墜毀在納粹德國, 發生在羅斯威爾事件之前

Incredible Story: A Flying Saucer Lost Control and Crashed in Nazi Germany Before Roswell Incident

Roswell, New Mexico is famous in terms of crashed alien craft but another story surfaced saying that an alien craft crashed at the countryside of Nazi Germany ten years before the Roswell incident. This story is allegedly covered-up by both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. for over 70 years. According to the story, the Nazi has been basing their research on wingless, disc aircraft on the flying saucer. Moreover, the crashed alien craft was allegedly the actual basis of Hitler’s and Himmler’s near obsession with exotic technology and flying saucers. The amazing studies by S.S. physicists that developed flying saucers and the Bell, a motor that neutralized gravity and ripped a gash into the very fabric of the time-space continuum making amazing effects, were also made possible through studies of the flying saucers that crashed.

Nazi Germany is the first real superpower in the world rising from ashes of the old German Republic in 1937. During the same year, aliens crashed their troubled craft into the German countryside, according to the story.

Allegedly, the German army quickly arrived at the crash site and picked up the pieces. However, no record has found if bodies are also recovered.

According to what has been alleged, when the news about the crash arrived to the German authorities, they immediately ordered aeronautical experts to study the remains of the saucer. It is said that remains of the damaged saucer were brought into a warehouse facility with 24 hour security and some were brought to a facility near the Austrian border.

Rumors indicate that the members of the team working in advanced alien technology were from Luftwaffe, the Speer Ministry of Arms under the leadership of Albert Speer, and from formal research council Reichsforschungrat, which was composed of industrial engineers and university professors.

Experts were task to do a reverse engineering to the alien craft and among them were Horton brothers. The brothers later designed and tested advanced flying wing aircraft and the first stealth jet fighter-bomber in the world. While it can’t be proven, many think that the revolutionary technology from the brothers was the result of the thorough study of the alien aircraft.

Few days past, Viktor Schauberger was tasked to examine the alien craft and later, he invented the imploder motor developed an imploding vortex.

It is rumored that the motor was the basis for S.S. experiments in Poland with Glocke (Bell) device capable of creating inter-dimensional rifts in space-time.
Italian researcher Renato Vesco wrote in his book that Nazis were developing many advanced propulsion system and rudimentary anti-gravity devices for its disc-shaped, or lenticular, aircraft. (c) 2012